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Sukhumvit zone is mainly retail tourism with excellent transport to access to other zones

Thanon Sukhumvit is Bangkok's longest road – it keeps going east all the way to Cambodia – but for such an important artery it's way too narrow for the volume of traffic that needs to use it, and is further hemmed in by the overhead Skytrain line. 

The tourism sector of "Sukhumvit" is an exclusive district in Bangkok, home to fancy apartments, villas, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Popular among foreign visitors and expats, it becomes more and more a Thai residential neighborhood as you follow the road southeast. Khlong Toey (also known as "the slaughterhouse") is nearby, ironically, it's one of the poorest neighborhoods of Bangkok

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Major:  There are so many options from 2 to 5 star, this is one of the best places to stay to be in among the action.
Agoda Hotel search Sukhumvit or try Agoda link in each BTS station link otherwise Agoda Hotel zones Bangkok


Whilst mainly retail tourism, local adventure is Street food / bars, Nightlife zone tours, Shopping, rooftop bars, and journey on Saen Saep Canal, and you can't not experience the awesome comforts at local cinema.

tour zone features Sukhumvit

Cultural: low Shopping: High
Family: HighPopular tours: low
Nightlife: High
Transport: High

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    So many worthy nominees, Bangkok (Thailand) is a champion of culinary taste delights.
    • Our web directory Restaurants (in development) view ncludes a photo album to view by location or stars? otherwise use the longdo map (local) and view our best search tips and tricks for restaurants
    • A major aspect of local culture is street food, if you need a few tips try Thai food $1 Menu, ideally you should have a local host or a few drinks to give you the confidence to try (try NOT die). 


    Sukhumvit is high end retail tourism and residence of foreigner so you can imagine there are bars, pubs and taverns everywhere 
    • There are several nightlife zones mentioned below
    • 2013: suggestions - we'v e jotted them down in the Sukhumvit Street guide
    • Our web directory Bars (in development) includes a photo album to view by location or stars? otherwise use the longdo map (local) and view our best search tips and tricks for bars


    • Sukhumvit is home to several popular venues such as the Long table 9th floor view across Benjakiti Park or in Suk Soi 11 is the new (2012) Above Eleven 33rd floor panoramic view across the city skyline.  Long table is more 5 star indoor class whereas above eleven more about the view. 
    • see all significant Bangkok rooftop venues, includes photo album and map


    Sukhumvit boast several Nightlife zones
    • The premiere nightlife zone is Suk Soi 11, home to several internationally recognised nightclubs and bar lounges.
    • a few kms in either direction are more mature (adults) only zones such as Soi 4 (Nana), Soi 21-23 (Soi Cowboy) and Soi 33 (Dead Artist Soi), details on each in Bangkok Nightlife zones
    •  Thonglor is the new upmarket trendy nightlife zone .. details to be added


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    Hotels by Agoda zonesDistance from BTS SiamGeneral Intro
    Dusit Thani NW 3.5km: Grand Avenues of Royalty, what Bangkok used to look like!  Dusit 
    Khaosan Rd W 4km: walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd Khaosan Rd 
    Rattanakosin Hotels W 4.5km: Historical area, most visited area by tourists (Grand Palace) Rattanakosin 
    Bang Lamphu W 4km: A walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd <> Bang Lamphu 
    Thonburi SW 5.3km: Old Capital mostly undeveloped, many Canals (Khlongs Thonburi 
    Sukhumvit - Chit Lom E 1.5km: "Farangville" (Foreigners) Hotels, Bars and Nightlife with all major transport systems BTS Chit Lom 
    Sukhumvit Hotels E 3km: "Farangville" (Foreigners) Hotels, Bars and Nightlife with all major transport systems Sukhumvit general 
    Chatuchak N 10km: Largest weekend markets in Asia, Parks & Game fishing <> Chatuchak 
    Ratchathewi N 2km: Suburbia and the Highest rooftop view 84 floors up Phayathai > Ratchathewi 
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    2017.02.18 Suk Soi 19 Party: Swimming pool  Westin Pool Party SM hub - Pics, Video  
    2017.02.17 Suk Soi 11 Entertainment: Fight Night 500bt 3 hrs International Amateurs Proflex Fight Night SM hub Pics / Videos 
    2017.02.10 Suk Soi 11 Bar / Club  8 on Eleven SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
    2017.02.07 Suk Soi 4 Bar - Sports  Strikers Sports Pub SM hub 
    2017.02.04 Suk Soi 15 Party: Swimming Pool  Ambar Pool party SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
    2017.02.03 Suk Soi 13 Party: after Fight   Scoop on 15 Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
    2017.02.03 Suk Soi 11 Entertainment: Fight Night 500bt 3 hrs International Amateurs Proflex Fight Night SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
    2017.01.10 Suk Soi 19 Massage -  chill ChaCha SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
    2017.01.07 Suk Soi 15 Pool Party 2pm to 9pm .. what a hOOt AmBar - Hotel rooftop pool Bar SM hub - Pics, Video and more 
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