Tours Sukhumvit (Draft)

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Local tours - walking 

area - Sukhumvit Nana / Asok



From BTS Nana to BTS Phrom Pong, and using the station in between (BTS Asok) as the base. 

We introduce you to all the basics

How and when to use the different transport systems (land and water)

Shopping / family / Nightlife 

Landmark Icons for Hospitality and Tourism 

local intel, tips and tricks and option to discuss tours 

get the most use a host

link to view more - includes expanded map

Street Bars Nana:

Longdo map link

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This strip interchanges with markets stalls in the day.  Around 10pm the merchandise comes down and up pops small mobile Bars (mobile stalls <>  Pang Loi),  They are incredibly convenient, safe, friendly and loads of adventure. Some common sense is required, look around and see what type of crowd you re sharing space with.

The Bars can pack in a lot of drinks and if your hungry they'll find a menu.
The Bars stay open until 6am, unless they're asked to move by the local authorities.
The section from Soi 3 nana to Soi 7 tends to include more of the elements associated with the red light district of Soi 4, that can be adventurous .. up to you.
Closer to Soi 11 through to Soi 15 the crowd is more cosmo.  

newbies should try Tois's Street Food and Orange bar at Suk Soi 11/1, they have joint English and Thai Hosts so you'll be able to get a little more help. Khun Toi started the biz about 10 yrs ago and now son-inlaw Khun Pram (England) is on hand. You might not see Kh. Toi anymore as her able and mos beautiful daughter is often on deck ensuring the systems run smooth. Here you can get excellent selection of food as well as take away.  It's also a really cool place to sit and watch the night crawlers make their way home

Street Markets Nana:

  Longdo map link

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The area stretches between Soi 3 (Nana) to Soi 19 (BTS Asok). It's one of the most stressful outings so do plan the timing of your journey. It's on the footpath so there is little room and with the overhead canopies and hot or humid days it does take it's toll on newbies.

To compensate this inconvenience the prices are reduced accordingly, but you'll have to know how to bargain and bargaining in Thailand is not just the price, the culture includes charm and politeness so smile and speak with a compliments and you'll find you will be given a better price, show impatience and you may find the transaction terminated... so do reminder "Jai yen yen" which meas "cool heart (see more

shopping markets tips: link to be added

Little Arabia town:

 Longdo map link

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This is a great opportunity to experience a different culture within a different culture.  Just like many countries have a Chinatown (Bangkok is no different), well heer they have a little chunk of Arabia.   

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Little Arabia town:

 Nightlife zones

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Four (4) zones in Sukhumvit, refer the link compare nightlife ones to see the censorship rating and location

Shopping monsters:

 with the BTS (skytrain) line running through Sukhumvit and feeding many Hotels it goes without saying, closing followed by large shopping Malls, Plaza and centres.

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Fast canals:

 Adventure awaits you on the local Saen saep Canal

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There are so many attributes to the canal, ironically one of the best Tourism Icons money can buy.  
It's almost free to travel on the canal, you'll see so much local life, beat the traffic and many of the piers are the beginning to yet more adventure

At one end is the door way to the old city of Bangkok near the Grand palace and Khaosan rd, or go the other way and stop at a massive shopping centre with a water theme park on the roof or go another stop to meet your future with blind fortune teller (he is very good) and then continue by taxi to Bangkok's latest and best Floating Market Kwan Riam

Parks and Gardens:

 Several beauties await, includes bike hire or paddle boats, if your lucky we'll tell you about a hidden old Thai Village near one park.

Dreamy rooftops:

 There are several awesome rooftop venues in Sukhumvit and plenty not far away

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We have included landmark Icons in each BTS station, select the link for the expanded station directory and google street view 
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