Suk Soi 23 (2015 draft)

Sukhumvit Soi 23, Klong Toei, Bangkok

Street savvy

this is the quieter entrance to Soi Cowboy details in nightlife zone Soi cowboy

Soi 23 has a lot to offer, apart from the Accommodation options, it's home to brilliant Bars, Pubs and restaurants that tend to live in the shadow of the name sake of Soi Cowboy.  You'll also need to know about this Soi to quick (less traffic access to several excellent nightclubs and a boutique cooking Academy that's become very popular for tourists.

 The following information is copied from
Suk Soi 19 and not yet modified  - last updated 17/10/15

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Airport: Excellent 
by skytrain: 1 km to station Makkasan, 15 min express transfer to airport, read more.
by taxi: 2 km to freeway bypass

Local: Excellent
BTS station Asok [street view] @ entrance of Soi 19 & interchanges with MRT station "Sukhumvit".
> @ 1km into Soi 23 is back rd access to Asoke (Soi 21) for BTS Makkasan, or continue onto airport freeway, in the other direction is access to more treasures.

1km to local canal Saen Saep for express transfer behind the city to Rattanakosin (old city; Grand Palace and the famous tour zone Khao San rd)


within 500mtr radius choice of 20 + hotels from 2.5 to 5 star, 
Soi 19 has Boutique Hotels endorsing their homestead vibe, see Suk Soi 19 bis directory or view Agoda Hotel @ BTS Asok <> or Agoda zones Bangkok


So many worthy nominees, Bangkok (Thailand) is a champion of culinary taste delights
  • details pending 
  • Old Dutch,  Bradmans Sports Bar (Owner Tom) ensures some of the finest culinary tastes are presented, certainly this is excellent sportsman Atmosphere bar due mainly to the excellent character of Tom but make no mistake this is a dining treasure  
  • Far too many people return to their country not experiencing the delight of street food, if you need a few tips try Thai food $1 Menu, ideally have a local host or 1st a few drinks to give you the confidence to try (not die).




Soi Icons: 2015

  • to be advised
  • Bradmans Spots Bar
  • Wilding indoor golf centre (2,000sq mtrs)
  • Glow nightclub





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      Your not far from some stunning rooftop venues, details in the Sukhumvit zone page 


      Street maps

      • links are provided for Google and Longdo (local), each has gains and pains

      Starting point: about  15mtrs into Soi 23 from Sukhumvut (main rd), click the nav buttons to go forward and start the journey.

      24/7 restaurant on your right, a little forward and left is Interchange building with massive indoor golf centre in the basement, going forward is a treasure of Pubs, bars and restaurants that deserve attention, not just the intel of being a quieter entrance to Nightlife Soi Cowboy

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