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Name & URLZoneDistance from Siam CentreCensorship ratingTimeframe / Best times Main Feature
Rooftop venues - tour page all  various F Family / same venues do not allow children for safety 3hrs / 10.00 to 01.00 Views  
H: Hospitality all / directory directories of hospitality services bars / pubs / travel spots   
H: Attractions Bangkok all / directory  H help page  Index 
H: Tourism Bkk all / directory  H Help page  Index 
Asiatique the Riverfront Bang Kho Laem SW 5.5km F family day and evening Complex entertainment shopping 
Bungsamran Fishing Park Chatuchak / Bang Kapi NE 14km F Family 4hrs 09.00 - 22.00 Game standards / Accommodation on the late 
Markets Chinatown tp Chinatown W 4.5km F Family 4hrs / 09.00 - 22.00 Chaos (frenzy) bargains 
Golden Buddha & Exhibition Chinatown W 4.5km F Family 4hrs / 10.00 - 18.00 Golden Budda and Exhibition centre 
Dinner Cruises Chinatown / Bang Rak  W 5km F Family 4 hrs / 18.00 - 22.00 River Cruise 
Vimanmek Mansion - tour info Dusit / Royalty area NE 3km / taxi or tuk tuk F Family, mansion and gardens 3 hrs / 10.00 - 18.00 Teak Mansion of Royal Family 
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ThemeName and URLIntensity / Best time / DurationDistance from Siam CentreStars and CommentPrice and Feedback
F: River and Canal Rides River and Canal Tours Medium E 4km:   Low 
F: Cultural stage Show - History Siam Niramit Low: extremely we presented cast of hundreds E 3km zone Huai Khwang 5 star: Megga Performance Low: go early for the photo ops  
F: Day walk Throne Hall Exhibition Ananta Samakhom Throne hall Low: Night photos stunning NW 3.7km 4.5  Low 
F: Food Tour Bangkok Food Tours Low: W 4.5km 3.5 star: Local cuisine - street food Low: 3/4 hrs day or night 
F: Museum National Museum Low W 4.8km 4.5 star excellent for groups  Low: 
H: Transport: BTS (skytrain) stations BTS Stations Low na na Low 
F: Shopping Zones Bangkok Compare Shopping Zones all all for shopping this station see "attractions" all 
F: Most popular Tours Most Popular Tours Various all all all 
M: Ladyboy Cabaret Show Ladyboy Cabaret show  Low SW 5.8km Complex of 1500 venues 4.5 star excellent for groups  Medium: At Asiatique options for all the family 
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Industry and ThemeName & URL
Transport: Major Stations Tourism Major Transport Stations 
Newbies: Introduction to Bangkok "Novice to Advanced" 
BTS (skytrain) Stations BTS Directory 
Tourism web tools tips and tricks 
Discounts / Promotions Discount - Promos - Specials 
Attractions: Most Popular Compare Popular tours 
Tour Zones Bangkok Compare Family Zones 
all Industries - Whats around me Longdo Map @ whats around me 
Bars and Clubs Index Bars & Clubs Bangkok 
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Hotels by Zones

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Hotels by Agoda zonesDistance from BTS SiamGeneral IntroFood & Drink
Dusit Thani NW 3.5km: Grand Avenues of Royalty, what Bangkok used to look like!  Dusit  
Khaosan Rd W 4km: walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd Khaosan Rd  
Rattanakosin Hotels W 4.5km: Historical area, most visited area by tourists (Grand Palace) Rattanakosin  
Bang Lamphu W 4km: A walking area, classic Thai temples & Khao San Rd <> Bang Lamphu  
Thonburi SW 5.3km: Old Capital mostly undeveloped, many Canals (Khlongs Thonburi  
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