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One of the joys of Bangkok is the number of markets to explore.
Bangkok's numerous markets have suppliers of fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and fruit.
There are never ending stalls of clothing, household items, ceramics plus an array of goods beyond imagination.
  • Please be aware that pick-pockets and bag slashers may be prevalent congested surroundings of a market. 
  • It is always advisable to carry a larger proportion of smaller notes and coins. as most vendors only accept cash.
  • In a few of the markets there is little to no English spoken or signs.
  • If you can speak a few words of Thai, especially numbers, you will find the bargaining process considerably easier, not to mention more enjoyable. The vendors will appreciate your efforts and are more likely to reduce the price.
  • It is often worth mentioning that you live here.

How to find them 

Floating markets 


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Floating markets - see below 
                          Map link all markets (not floating)
The specialty flower markets are an excursion in their own right.




Bargaining requires time and patience but bargaining is not as fierce as it was say five to ten years ago. If you find that the vendor won’t budge, then be gracious and accept his price. Remember that the success of a deal lies in both parties coming away happy.

see basic Thai language words and phrases under the section tips 1st timers