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Asoke > Sukhumvit Soi 19

Asoke, Sukhumvit Soi 19, Khlong Toei, Wattana, Bangkok

Bangkok's best beat:-
Soi 19 is quiet (Community based) with all key hospitality features at the hub of major transport systems for quick access to airport routes. minutes from all tourism and hospitality zones and home of B.PAC


Directory summary

Business in and around Suk Soi 19

  • Accommodation
  • ATM
  • Bar
  • Chemist
  • Child care
  • Coffee shop
  • Corporate events
  • Deli/Super stores (open 24/7)
  • Dental
  • Golfing
  • Hair Salon & Beauty
  • Hospital/Medical
  • Hospitality Services
  • Internet services
  • Language translations
  • Laundry
  • Liquor outlet
  • Massage and Spa
  • Money Changer
  • Nightlife
  • Orientation - P.A. Concierge
  • Restaurant - fast food - 24/7
  • Tailor
  • Shopping Centre
  • Supermarket
  • Tours & Attractions
  • Travel agents
  • Transport systems
  • Wifi free


Contribution by Skal Club Bangkok

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 in detail

Accommodation         from 2 to 5 star

@ Sukhumvit (main Rd) and into Soi 19

  • Opposite: Sheraton Hotel on Sukhumvit: 5star Large  

  • @Cnr Westin Grande Hotel: 5star joins shopping centre 

  • @220mtrs left side Soi @ Family Mart
    • The Key: Boutique Hotel: 4star T: 02-2555825  
    • De Luxury:  Boutique Hotel T: 02-2544593
    • Grottino Residence 4star (21 rooms) see Restaurant "Grottino"  WF
  • Sams Lodge: 3star Motel style WF  
  • SV guesthouse: 2star T: 02-253-3556-7
  • @300mtrs Sachas Uno Hotel: 5star Boutique built 2009  
  • Silq Hotel5 star Boutique built 2009 
  • @430mtrs Honey Hotel3star (built 80's oldish)  


@ 500mtr into Soi 19  (intersection)  L: Left  R: Right
@ Sukhumvit (main Rd) into Soi 15
Summary: prices & features or view Agoda search @ BTS Asok


WF=wifi free




  • @ McDonalds Cnr Sukhumvit (main Rd) & Soi 19
  • @ Robinson Dept store & Tops Supermarket (Cnr Sukhumvit)
  • @ 3 x Deli (super stores) 100mtr, 200mtr & 300mtr into Soi 19
  • @ BTS skytrain & MRT Subway stations (100mtr from Soi 19)
  • other: see "Money Changer" for Banks with extended trading hours 
    (includes map links for Banks in the area).  map ATM's in/near Soi 19

 nb: 150baht surcharge on o.seas credit cards

  • S&P (Simply Delicious) - opposite Sachas Uno Hotel
    • open daily 09.00-21.00 T: 02-185-1313 Ext.115 / Delivery 1344
  • Tops supermarket - basement of Robinson Dept Store @ Cnr Sukhumvit
  • Grottino Residence/Restaurant house a wholesale Pastry see their website


Banks - see "Money Changer"


  • Beergarden Soi 19: 3star (no aircon, casual & good food see "Restaurants")
    • open daily 09.00-01.00  T: 02-253-524,  WF
Opposite Soi 19 @ Sukhumvit (other side of the road)
  • The Players: Pool bar: 3.5star  photo-map-guestbook  WF
    • open daily 16.00-02.00  T: 02-653-1084
  • The Black Swan: 4star Small Family Tavern photo-map-guestbook WF
    • open daily 08.00-23.00  T: 02-626-0257
Other: beyond Soi 19 tour database Bars/Nightclubs



  • @300mtrs Pharma  (Kiosk) No Phone.  Open: daily 10.00-22.00
  • in Basement Robinson dept store (Tops Supermarket)
    • open daily 09.00-21.00 
  • KS Pharmacy, next to Robinsons 100mtrs towards Soi 15
    • open daily 10.00-21.00 
  • Sukhumvit Cnr Soi 15, 50 mtrs to Soi 11:  open daily 10.00-23.00
  • opposite Soi 19 towards Soi 14:  open daily 10.00-23.00 T: 02-653-3275

Child care
at rear Robinson Dept store: "Fullakids" for one (1) to 4yrs old. 
  •  Open: Mon-Fri: 7.30-17.30 Staff ratio 1 to 4


Coffee Shop
  • Several Hotels in Soi have coffee lounge (Sachas Hotel: outdoor 40 seats) 
  • @200mtrs Chez Charlie: opened 2011-06  Photo-map-Guestbook 
    The delicacy Crepe & Soup.  An "Organic" menu produce exclusively from "The Royal Projects". Seating for 40, (O.door: 6)  Open daily: 8.00 - 21.00 modern & stylish  WF
  • @450mtrs Beergarden (no aircon 80 seats, see Restaurant) WF



Deli - Super stores

from Sukhumvit (main Rd) @100mtrs, 200mtrs and 300mtrs into Soi 19 are 
Three (3) x Deli/Super stores, all open 24/7 and all have an ATM
  • Two (2) x 7/11
  • One (1) x Family Mart
  • @ Cnr Sukhumvit is Tops Supermarket (basement), detailed below


Dental   -   Bangkok is renowned for high quality, care and low price.


  • Bangkok Dental Spa (Dr. Lily) 2nd flr:  
    web - forum article
    • open Mon-Fri: 09.00 - 18.30 T: 02-651-0807, 02-651-0703
  • 19 Dental Clinic - Grnd flr
    web - forum article 
    • open daily 09.00-01.00  T: 02-253-5249


Golf      -  You've hit the "Jackpot", around the corner (Soi 21) is a 2,000sqm indoor golf centre and a short walk to a rooftop chipping and bunker facility @ Wilding Golf Performance centre Asoke

Hair Salon
  • Dee Salon (Owner/Manager Khun Dee)  web 
    • open daily 09.00-21.00  T: 02-255-7708
  • Take care - 4 flrs wide range of services web
    • open daily 09 - 20.00 T: 02-254-4780
  • Hair Story  T: 02-255-3550, 087-123-8600
    • open daily 10.00 - 20.00 / closed Wednesday


Hospital / Medical 
Bangkok is renowned for HIGH Quality, Exceptional Care and low price 
  • Bumrungrad Hospital - Asia's best, 2kms West website info

Hospitality Services - Bangkok 

Multiple search engines on one (1) page:-   Hospitality Bangkok

  • Bars
  • Golf
  • Hotels
  • Massage and Spa centres
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Tourism
  • Wifi places

Internet services

  • @200mtrs Exotic Tour and Travel: 3 x stations
    • Mon-Sat 09.00- 20.00  Sun: 14.00-20.00
  • @300mtrs SV Guesthouse: open 24/7  - 2 x stations 1bt per min
  • WIFI free venues - see link in section "wifi free"
Warning: Mobile Devices: International roaming costs are very expensive, check with your home country service provider see tips in section "wifi.
Asoke P.A. Concierge can assist with low cost sim cards, see P.A."

 mobile roaming costs


Language Translation
  • Exotic Tour and Travel (see Travel agent) are certified


Laundry and Ironing
  • @200mtrs 19 Laundry - Owner Khun Fon
    open daily 09.00-20.00 T: 02-651-1885 web
  • Dry cleaning service @ Tops supermarket and another service offered 
    @ ground floor of 
    Trendy Building in Soi 13

Clipart Illustration of a  Humanlike Elephant Ironing A Pink Cloth On An Ironing Board, On A White Background © Dennis Cox #33488

Liquor outlet

  • "Supermarket" and "Deli"

NOTE: Prohibition laws on shops: 2pm to 5pm and 12mn to 11am   


Enter Soi 19

  • @200mtrs Lisa Massage: 3.5star 
    • open daily 10.00-24.00 T: 02-254-3595-6
  • Friends Barber Massage: 3.5star Web > Menu  WF
    • open daily 09.00-01.00 T: 02-251-6218-9 (incl callout)
  • Reflex Place: 4star open daily 09.00-23.00  T: 02-255-8778
  • Senses Therapy: 4star open daily 09.00-23.00 


@ 500mtr into Soi 19 at intersection


  • Happiness massage: 3.5star Photo-map-Guestbook
    • open daily 12.00-22.00  T: 081-710-290 includes call out service
  • ChaCha Massage: 3.5star     Photo-map-Guestbook
    • open daily 10.00-23.00  T: 089-770-1427
  • May Massage: 3star (Male staff) 1st flr above Big Mama Restaurant
    • open daily 09.00-00.00 T: 02-258-2256, 086-0826







Map Spa centres

change search word from "Massage" to "Massage & Spa"

Massage and Spa centre

  • @220mtrs De Luxury Spa (See Accommodation "De Luxury")
  • open daily 10.00-23.00 2nd flr T: 02-2544593
  • @500mtrs Health Land: 5star [large venue] @ intersection turn right
    • open daily 09.00-00.00 T: 02-261-1110


Money Changer

  • Siam Bank @ McDonalds, Cnr Sukhumvit (main Rd) & Soi 19 
    • open: M-F 10.00-21.30 / Sat-Sun 10.00-21.30
    • trading hrs in map, click detail in pop up window
  • Terminal21 shopping central - ground floor
  • Kasikorn Bank on Sukhumvit before Cnr of Soi 15
    • open M-F 08.30-15.30 T: 02-888-8888 


Asoke P.A. Concierge basic orientation tours

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The basic: Exec Tours Bkk's brief: Bars in/near Soi 19 (at home)
The BIG picture: Bangkok Nightlife zones, includes eBook 

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@ Sukhumvit (main Rd) Soi 19

  • @ Cnr McDonalds open 24/7, Delivery=Y, see "Restaurant fast food"
  • @ Cnr Food hall (Thai) in Tops Supermarket, low price (aircon)
    • 3star, open daily: 09.00- 21.45
  • @ Cnr Food hall in Terminal21 shopping centre, low price (aircon)
  • 4star, open daily: 09.00-21.45
  • @60 mtrs El Gaucho Argentinian (City Lodge)
  • 5star, open daily 4pm till late  T:02-252-865
  • @220 mtrs side Soi @ Family Mart
    • Korean BBQ: 4star, Price: M  see Photo-map-Guestbook 
      • in Sukhumvit Plaza there are many Korean restaurants
    • Izakaya Hanako Japanese
      • 4star, Price: M (3flrs Authentic)
    • Grottino Swiss Restaurant  Photo-map-www-guestbook  
      • 4star (Authentic)  full menu in website    WF   
  • @300mtrs Uam apartment: Thai, Price: L (no aircon)
    • 2star, similar style of "Pang Loi" (street food)
  • Chinese (next to Senses therapy) Manager: Chartchai
    • 3star, open daily 10.00-22.00  T: 02-253-5052
  • Yujemi Japanese (next to Family Mart)
    • 3star, open daily 11.30-23.30  T: 02-254-4399
  • @430mtrs Honey Hotel: caf'e style, Price: L
    • 3star, open daily 06.00-01.00 T: 02-253-0646-9 


@ 500mtrs into Soi 19 at intersection turn right

  • Big Mama Pizzeria: 4star, casual indoor/outdoor WF
    • open daily 11.00-23.00 T: 02-259-0232 
  • Madam SaranairThai:  4star, casual indoor/outdoor
    • open daily 11.00-22.00  T: 661-7984 WF
  • Frienz Japanese:  (opposite Big Mama)
    • 4star, open daily 16.00-19.00 T: 02-260-9965


@ 700mtrs  Le BeaulieuFrench 5star  T: 02 204 2004 

Opposite Soi 19 @ Sukhumvit in Soi 14 (150mtr walk, it's worth it!)

  • SudaThai casual low price  
    • 3star: (no aircon) Mon-Sat 11.00-23.00 Sun 16.00-23.00



  • Soi 15 YongleeThai, Cnr Sukhumvit (it's a time warp)
    • 3star: 101yrs old strictly closes at 8.30pm 


More: see Hospitality Services, link to multiple search engines

Pang Loi (street food) from 40bt to 100baht, get immersed in the culture, 
ask @ Asoke P.A., or read about Thai street food








map link 


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Restaurant - fast food          (many venues deliver)

  • Thai food
    • Many "Pang Loi" (street food) in Soi 19 web article re Pang Loi linked in "Restaurants" or this forum article
    • Food hall in basement of Robinson dept. store
  • Western food
    • McDonalds (Cnr Sukhumvit & Soi 19) open 24/7
    • Sunrise Tacos Mexican Grill (see Restaurants open 24/7)


Live map linkchange search word to "food-" re position map and refresh


Map link "fast food"



Map tips @ Longdo maps 

Restaurant - open 24/7

  • McDonalds at Cnr Soi 19 and Sukhumvit (main Rd)
  • 3 x venues opp McDonalds near Soi 12 (100 mtr walk)
    • Thai, Mexican and USA style Diner
  • more venues nearby: - see the map link tip - - - >
Mexican: Sunrise Tacos delivery is unreal! see pics, menu in Asok eNews stand
Many Pang Loi (street food) along Sukhumvit Soi 15 to Soi 3 (open late), you should try but use a local guide and live an experience - see P.A. Concierge



Map link tip

use map link in Restaurants "fast food", change the search word to "food 24/7" and watch the orange map pins appear!


Restaurant - Delivery Service

Most all venues offer "take away" and many will deliver. The following are independent delivery service their websites have extensive menus of many local venues.

Shopping Centre

  • @Cnr Sukhumvit next to Westin Grande Hotel "Robinson (4 flrs)"
    • open daily 10.00-22.00  T: 02-651-3334-8 Ext: 101 
  • @Cnr Sukhumvit, Opp Westin Grande: "Terminal21 (8flrs)"

Tip: "Shopping tour" (link right), D.I.Y. or use Asoke PA Concierge for induction of transport systems and shopping culture


Shopping Tour

  • @Cnr Sukhumvit: "Tops" in basement of Robinson Dept store
    • open daily 09.00-21.45  extensive range
  • other see "Deli/Super stores" &/or "Hospitality" for link to shopping zones

    • open daily 11.00-20.00  T:02-255-4516, 02-253-6069
    • Corporate discount for "Exec Tours Bkk" clients
  • Ravi Sehgal Fashion

    • open daily 11.00-20.00  T: 02-651-2737




Tours & Attractions: @ end of this book see thumbnails eBooks, "Tourism
Bangkok" Tour zones, Transport, Language, Culture or view @ webpage 

Travel Agent  - Their websites show mobile ph (a/hrs), now that's service!
  • Newline Travel (Opp Sacha's Hotel) Mngr: Nantana
    • M-F 09.00-18.00 / Sat: 09.00-17.00 T: 02-651-2832
  • @450mtrs Newline Travel (Honey Hotel Branch)  www
    • Mngr: Kitsanee (from Chiang Mai)
    • M-F 09.00-18.00 / Sat: 09.00-17.00 T: 02-651-0221



Transport > Traffic can be chaos at peak times, it's imperative to know when to use Private V's Public transport. Public Transport is your peak hour choice

Public Transport
  • BTS (sky-train) station Asok Cnr Sukhumvit (main Rd) & Soi 19

  • MRT (subway) 100 mtrs from BTS Asok station, see map image BTS-MRT stops in pages below, we included a legend to show location of Tour Zones: Family-Shopping-Nightlife-Popular Tours.

  • Canal (fast ferry) Pier @end of Soi 15 about 1.5kms from Sukhumvit, here is a map link to the Pier. The Canal ferry is fast and exciting, see the pics & video in the Shopping tour, linked in section "Shopping centre".
Private Transport
  • Taxi, Tuktuk & Motor-bike taxi constantly pass thru the Soi
  • Motor-bike taxi stand @cnr Sukhumvit (main Rd) inside Soi 19
  • Motor-car taxi stand @front of Robinson dept store


@ www Transport Bangkok all major transport maps and tips


more info about 
Bangkok Public Transport 

Grab a booking with Asoke P.A. Concierge for an Induction on the Transport system. The small cost will save you valuable time.


International roaming costs for mobile devices are VERY EXPENSIVE!!!


As we discover "wifi free" venues we add them to the map

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Authors comments:
Aussie Exec Tours Bangkok are based in Soi 19. "We are proud to introduce the Community. Our guests constantly report exceptional Hospitality experience, "it's home away from home" see feedback at Tours @ Soi 19 
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Mud map

Mud Map  starting 500mtrs into Soi 19                                      [Longdo map Soi 19]    <>    Live google map Soi 19

@ end of Soi 15 (2kms) is a Pier for Canal (Khlong) fast ferry boat



Dream Hotel - Wing

Royal President Court-wing

Best Comfort

Exec Tours






































Legend:   A=ATM, H=Hotel,  R=Restaurant, S=Shopping






 <- Soi 15     Soi Ruam Jai      Soi 19 - >

<- So19         Soi 21 (Asoke) ->

Hair Story

19 Dental Clinic 

Beer Garden R



H Hotel
Fusion Suites








R  Thai Food (street food)



 Honey Hotel 3star H

Newline Travel agency (inside Hotel)


H  SilQ Hotel - 5star


H  Sachas Hotel - 5star

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

H  Sachas Hotel - 5star 

Ambassador Tailors

H  Sams Lodge – 3star

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Foot Massage & health drinks 

Ravi Sehgal Fashion Tailor

H  Sachas Hotel - 2nd wing

Reflex Massage


 Uan Apartment - 2star

Uan Thai food 2star

----------------- Soi ---------------  

Bar lounge 5star (3rd flr) R

7/11 Deli: open 24/7  A,S

Bangkok Dental Spa (2nd flr)

Apartments (3star)

Newline Travel (2nd shop)

SV Guesthouse/Internet Kiosk/Chemist

Senses massage

Chinese R

Dentist- Thai

Take Care (4flrs) Hairdresser

   Dentist - Thai 

Chivit Chiva 2
5 star


Korean BBQ

Karaoke Bar 

Family Mart: open 24/7 A,S

------------------ Soi ----------------










Spa Centre
Coffee shop

 Exotic Tour & Travel Agent

19 Laundry & Apartments: 2star

Dee Salon - Hairdresser

 -------------------  Soi -------------

Friends Barber & Massage

 Lisa Massage

 Chivit Chiva Spa 1

R  Thai food  (Pang Loy)

  <- - - dept store carpark driveway - - ->





R  Thai food - 3star   

A,S  7/11 Deli open 24/7

R Agentinian

R El Gaocho Agentinian Steakhouse

Pang Loi

Terminal 21

shopping Centre

old F&V


 [TAT]  Subway MRT 





1.Robinson Dept store (4 storey) A,S

2. Tops supermarket (basement)  A,S

3. Thai food Hall (basement)        A,R


    1.2.3.                                              Grand Western

McDonalds 24/7 A,R            Hotel 5star H

Sukhumvit (main Rd)  - - > 

================== BTS Skytrain line===============

< - - Sukhumvit (main Rd)


Sukhumvit (main Rd)  - - > 

=Skytrain station Asok =========

< - - Sukhumvit (main Rd)

ATM                                                     V    

< --Soi 12                               Restaurants

Thai food 24/7

Pizza,  Sunrise Taco Mexican 24/7
& Diner24/7

Soi 12 Insomnia Nightclub 

     Sheraton Hotel                             V








Soi 12 Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant (Thai) 500mtrs down Soi 







  ATM   Black   Swan Bar







R: Suda - Thai




  Map options

 1. Above: text "mud map" (not to scale)

 2. Left: Image of "map basics Soi 19" with legend

  •  3Link: Street Savvy Soi 19 with live map

Street Savvy

local knowledge and a few tips and tricks, including a live google street map, Suk Soi 19
Feedback options         

2. About the venues:

3. Other: forum articles below or social network above  

Forum articles

Google Steet view

Street Savi about Suk Soi 19 with live street map Soi 19


Major Transport

map Major Public transport - Bangkok   

Note: see Position of Soi 19 - expand image

BTS Skytrain: Fast, efficient and affordable, running everyday from 06.00 to midnight.  
Mo Chit station at the north end, where you can find the weekend Chatuchak Market.  Siam Station, adjacent to huge shopping malls: Siam Centre, Siam Discovery Centre and Siam Paragon, is the central station with a link to National Stadium Station to MBK shopping centre.  Saphan Taksin Station and boat pier. Fares range from 10 to 40 baht or 100 baht unlimited day pass.  

MRT Subway metro: With 18 stations covering main roads in Bangkok including Rama IV, Sukhumvit, Lad Prao and Pahonyothin, MRT opened in 2004 and operates everyday from 06.00 to midnight. Connecting to the BTS Skytrain at Sukhumvit Station (Asoke BTS Station), Lumping Station (Silom BTS Station) and Chatuchak Station (Mo Chit BTS Station) with a link to Hua Lampong train station.  Fares: 15 to 60 baht.         
Taxi: Very easy to find everywhere in Bangkok, with the meter starting from 35 baht, it's a low cost convenient transport when the traffic is flowing. However, always make sure the driver activate the meter.  Then there is the ubiquitous Tuk tuks touting for business. They’re a fun ‘must-do’ experience but in Bangkok peak traffic the induced fumes are "not fun". If your game try local culture motor bike taxi  say ChaCha (go slow) or ReoReo (go fast)

The river and canal ferry is a whole new must do experience. "Longdo" is Thai for "please try!"

Be served: APAC (Personal Assist <> Concierge) Orientation tours 
or  Serve Yourself .. access our knowledge base
Public transport Bangkok <> Maps, Photos, tips and tricks

Map impression of BTS and MRT over the Bangkok city area    (expand image & zoom tool)


eBooks: BTS - MRT - BRT rail and road system, CANAL-RIVER FERRY - click here


360 Spherical

360 Spherical photo/video is best viewed in smartphone / tablet

Scenes:  from Terminal21 Shopping Plaza thru Soi 19 external link 1.43 min 
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Photo album


Tour zone Icons

Zone:  Ratchathewi, tour icons Family, Shopping, Nightlife

Tour Zones Bangkok > Major transport stations <> Tourism Bkk Novice to Pro

Orientation map from BTS Asoke (Sukhumvit) with Bpac

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Industry & ThemeName and url linkSize and Culture
Nightlife: [R] Grown ups only (Red light) Sukhumvit Soi 21-23 Cowboy Large: 300 mtr strip 
Street Savvy Soi 19 Soi 19 - homestead Small - Homestead 
Nightlife: [F] Suk Soi 11 Suk Soi 11 Nightlife 1km strip: Euro Bars, Dining, Clubs 
Accommodation nearby  Hotels Asok with Agoda Index 
Attractions Sukhumvit Sukhumvit attractions Index 
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Street view

Starting point:  Entrance to Soi 

Move around in any directionexternal link 

note: if not accurate use Google + Suk Soi 19 Map

Street view map tips summary
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2020.01.17 / Huai Khwang Comedy various Ardal O'Hanlon Live in Bangkok fbk grp bkk nightlife invite 
2019.12.31 / Chao Phraya river Party Boat NYE  fireworks, DJ, Party fbk grp Bkk nightlife 
2019.12.20 / Silom fashion Show - Grande Prix charity low - Charity event Models in Fashion - Charity event thaibis page KP Models X Opal Fashion show 
2019.06.23 / Bangkok Photos with models - rooftop 5000 exclusive timeslot and lunch unique  fbk page bkk tourism - invite details 
2019.05.04 /  Comedy / Magner Festiva low  fbk group bkk nightlife 
2019.04.06 Bts Asok Comedy - International Jimmy Carr med -  in 2016 he rocked Bangkok fbk bkk nightlife 
2019.03.04  Comedy low  GLOBAL ROAST BATTLE PHENOMENON--YOUR HOOD'S A JOKE. fbk bpac  
2019.02.21 to 24 Bts Phloen Chit Garden Fair - Nai Lert Flower & Garden Art Fair 2019 low - 150 bt astonishing - heritage home TB events: Nai Lert Park Heritage Home บ้านปาร์คนายเลิศ 
2019.02.16 / Saraburi 9am to 9pm Social: Meet Locals day trip low - day trip activities Thai and Foreigners mixing it up TML: Saraburi hypo 
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