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GOOMI: Do you have any passions?
Ornny: I have a lot of passion in singing, I am also a singer. This is something I really enjoy doing. I feel like it a mean of communicating my feelings when I couldn’t find a way to say it. Music can change your mood in many different ways depends on a certain song. I find this fascinating and it develop me into a singer and an entertainer.

GOOMI: If you have only one song to pick up, wich one it will be? 
Ornny: “Like you never see me again” by Alicia keys, the meaning of this song is amazing and universal. It remind us not to take the one we love for granted as life is full of uncertainty.

GOOMI: What is your kind of guy?
Ornny: He needs to be mature but also funny, nothing better than a guy who can make you laugh! He need to be understanding, accepting and reasonable. He should take care of himself to a decent level haha psychical stuff is important! But lastly it down to how he treated me, if he really appreciate me and such.

GOOMI: Are you single?
Ornny: I am not single haha.

GOOMI: How your boyfriend seduced you?
Ornny: My boyfriend seduced me with a nice smile and a great conversation, showing so much intelligence while also is a good listener. He shows interests in every aspect of my life and was very dedicated. Trust me that is a turn on! A giving guy is always going to be good in ….. Haha I’m just joking!

2012 Dec - Santa baby

Merry Xmas to Santa baby by Khun Ornny 

"Me singing Santa baby just for fun!!! being bored at home hahaha I will sound different from sad songs I sang before but this is something different lol"

2013 Dec Jingle Bells

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The one the got away

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When I was your man!

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My cover of When I was your man! It's new! Check it out and help me share! ฝากเพลงอรร้องด้วยนะค่ะๆ  ขอบคุณค่ะ