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Bangkok Models welcome, create your web page

The service is D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) or pay, the cos is nominal and if your work with BPAC and support Hospitality and Tourism Bangkok the webpage service is free.

Our goal

1. support Bkk models in in our facebook group

2. abide by the mission statement for Bangkok Models 

3. team work with Models to promote Hospitality & Tourism Bangkok 

The web page will help you gain exposure into the internet and joining BPAC will give you work experience and a career outside of modelling 

How to

1. browse the options 
We have a standard template design however there are options which are noted below

2. view existing pages of other models for ideas
Our focus is using tips and tricks to get best indexing in the google search engine

  • get started and make changes as you go
    Our focus is using tips and tricks to get best indexing in the google search engine
  • You can D.I.Y. (do it yourself) or pay us.. see more below 
    Payment: we don't want your money, we want to have team work
    You can pay us for the work or give your time with  Bangkok Hospitality & Tourism events or our local charity projects .. up to you

In the section Summary are sections available to include your webpage, in the Detail section is more options

In Summary

Photo album

window below: Fullscreen > Thumbnails + zoom tool 

how to:  
  • tell us our email address
  • we provide an upload link then share access to the album so you can change the photos whenever you want

why to this
  • visual attraction 
  • we add key tag words so that the photos are indexed in google search, which means your name spreads through the internet

About me

Scrolling window - larger window

This is a google document which can be created free using gmail a/c 
Content can include Text, photos and links and will be searchable in google index

how to:  
  • tell us our email address
  • we provide create a template page then share to you using your email address
  • you access and complete the content and update as often as you like, 
    • tip: view content of other models, do include the basic things about your price and what you will and will not do to eliminate queries that do not match your style
    • tip: sometimes you need to make it clear you already have a boyfriend that you do not do nude nor travel alone
    • tip: add sub-pages detailing your albums, or credits to photographers or sponsors with links and photo inserts

Fb fanpage

1 fanpage album below - view all here

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we select an album from your fanpage and insert, all photos in your fanpage auto auto display and change

note: we can only insert fanpage albums

how to: provide us with the url of your fanpage and nominate which album


how to: 
  • we use the photos you donate to the shared photo album
why do this 
  • youtube is very popular and creates more google search engine ranking of your name 


window below -   separate page

how to:  we copy the contents in the Google doc and upload to a ebook site

live pages

here is link to pages of models, view to get some ideas - click here

What we need

to make the Photo album 
  • provide us with your email address (a gmail is best)
  • we then give you a link to upload your photos then a password to manage

to make the google doc - "about me" - we will create a blank page and share the password

to insert your fanpage - provide us with your fanpage link


Hospitality / Tourism Bangkok
  • We promote tourism, if you visit places please share the photos and we will credit you
  • If you would like to host tourist as a Concierge or PA (it's easy and fun) we can create another page for you within the Bangkok PAC webpage, 
    example, select a team member ie., Concierge Phill Smith or PA Arwee
    • We do not promote personal relationships ie., boyfriend / girlfriend stuff
      • Example: 4 people hosted by 1 x BPAC host, typically it is a mixed group.  
        indication of "event rates" are based on the strict theme that it's a genuine "get the most use a host" request, 
      • simply as a model if you think the service is not genuine then do no take the booking
      • BPAC hosts do not dress up, unless special occasions (payment accordingly)
    • Why do this work
      • you will gain confidence through meeting different people
      • you will gain a career path after modelling
      • you will own your own business
      • will help you will visa applications to demonstrate, your webpage will show you provide a genuine host service for tourism 
        • the page shows your details, photos and can include links to credible customs 
        • this gives comfort to the embassy that you have a genuine, stable work with a reason to return
        • we can provide letter to confirm your work 
    • Team captains required
      • If you have team leader skills you can take the booking and delegate to your team and share the income according to your team agreement
    • Bookings
      • we recommend using a local travel agent to receive the money and confirm the booking
    • How to get started
      • Decide on the area of preference ie., specific or general Shopping, Culture, Tourism, Bars, Restaurants, Nightlife, Recreational
      • Decide on the time frames ie., day and/or night  
      • Decide on the rates you should / wish to charge 
      • Discuss your ideas with us, make sure you have a phone, create a business card and we will promote you in the websites and share your details to a booking agent and or connect you with a team leader/captain
    • Knowledge base
      • Don't worry - we do not promote experts or tour guides, we have a schedule of ideas that you can share to the customer, but in the main typically the work is simply acting like a local friend for a visitor, you accompany them on the BTS, shopping and generally just getting around, as well as a telephone number for support if they get lost or in trouble.

In detail

There are many options 

Facebook Bangkok models group - free webpage - window below or separate window

Model member card

We are working on the idea of a model member card, it is in development / discovery mode and delayed due to lack of resources (help is welcome)
  • Typically this is accepted by certain / approved venues that will give special concessions / VIP entitlements 
If you have ideas and suggestions please bring them forward, contact us  Phill Smith 

FB Group Bkk Models

This is a open group dedicated to promoting 1. Models 2. Bangkok themed
  • We encourage you to post your photos and promote the shared group to create recognition of Models Bangkok
  • The group attracts sponsors which will be used to support models and/or our local charity projects
  • We promote venues that support and use Bangkok models
  • The link is