24hrs in Khao Yai 

Our Mission:  Tour Winery and cruise the National Park.  

From Bangkok 120kms (2.5hrs, North East)
 to Khao Yai National Park (Khao yai = Mountain big)

Knowledge base: Khao Yai National Park

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Our program

Leave Bangkok around 11am, about an hour out of Bangkok stop at local market Baan Suan, buy assortment of sweets, souvenirs and food hall meals. Under the main roof is a large 30mtr x 15mtr swimming pool for fish (several large species).

  • Boutique Resort Cabbages and Condoms, the name is Iconic in association with local charity (HIV and the like). The group has several venues in Bangkok and around Thailand, profits are used to support charity initiatives.
  • The area offers a diverse range of accommodation; camping, resorts and hotels 2 star to 5 star 

Winery tour - PB WINERY
  • The winery offers friendly outdoor playground for children, high standard reception area, offices and hospitality area. 
  • Souvenir wines and juices, more about PB Winery
  • The winery tour is approx 200bt pax for a 90min tram tour of the winery; vineyards, production rooms and wine tasting, good narration, questions welcomed, check their website for tour times

  • A hilight is their renown restaurant "The Great Hornbill", the ambience of wine tasting, quality menu and sunset views across the winery is something special.

  • The fresh morning mountain air is rejuvenating, the outdoor dining area is surrounded jungle, it's a little like boot camp with comforts.
  • The plan is to drive from 1 end to the other for a quick visual then back track on those things we think will suit us. In hiensight it would have been prudent to have a pre tour meeting with a local host to get the most in sync with our priorities.
  • The group priorities are a little walk, an elephant ride and close contact with some animals.
  • The visitor information centre in the park is excellent with exhibitions, maps and guides... a must do!

  • We snacked most of the day and made a late afternoon stop at The jungle house Hotel which is very close to the entrance of the National Park.
  • The hotel is more of a boutique country resort offering villa Accommodation, Elephants rides, restaurant. 
  • Back to Bangkok.

  • Overnight is absolutely not enough time unless you have a structured plan of what to do and see.  We recommend a minimum 2 night stay. There several interesting settlements with variations on Accommodation from 3 to 5 star as well as camping areas, look out points, nature walks, waterfalls and other natural attractions.  
  • Transport:  Minivan 10 seat 4000bt day trip or 5000bt overnight + fuel for tour (approx 2000bt) the fuel covers the trip to and from and cruising around the National Park.   
  • Accommodation: from 1500bt
  • Entrance to National Park: Pax Foreigner 400bt, Thai 40bt
  • Thai Assistant: 4000bt per day or negotiate with driver.


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  • Photo album in facebook fanpage B.Pac:  http://goo.gl/yid1Z5  (recommend Picasa album on this page with map location)

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