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Inside Nana Plaza


As Bangkok’s biggest red light district in terms of pay for play options, the areas surrounding Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) is hard to compete against.

Today NEP has lots of large go go bars with real bar girls as well as the most ladyboy go go bars in the Sukhumvit Area.

NEP is where the heart of the districts activity is centered around, buzzing with many popular go go bars such as Rainbow 4, Angel Witch, Billboards and Twister Bar.

Thai hookers are up and down parts of Sukhumvit Soi 4. Russian prostitutes are right across the road on Soi 3. African street walkers are on Sukhumvit 7/1, muscling out what was once a Thai hooker stronghold.

There are a lot of small beer bars and popular pubs all over the area and especially along Sukhumvit Soi 4 to pick up ladies, particularly right inside Nana Plaza’s courtyard beer garden.

Ladyboy freelancers are all over Nana district too. So there are many places to pick up prostitutes but bar fining a bar girl from NEP is the path that most tourists seem to follow. Because bar girls inside go go bars are wearing bikinis so guys can have a better idea on how the ladies look in the nude. And some bars do have girls dancing topless

Twister for example has 2 dance stages and the stage on the left is the one where ladies dance topless. So when you go there ask for a seat by the left stage for a much better viewing pleasure.

All bar girls have a numbered badge pinned either on their bikini or g-string. So when you find a lady you like just tell the waitress the number and they’ll pull the lady off the stage to sit with you. When she does the rule is to buy her a lady drinks for her time.

Go Go Bar Girl Pricing:  To take a girl out of a bar you have to pay a 600THB to 1000THB bar fine (price depends on class of bar girl) first to the bar or club the girl works for in Nana Entertainment Plaza. The rate that you pay for play is totally separate and depends on Short Time or Long Time.

There are quite a few other factors that will affect the asking price from bar girls. For example the way you look, your age and your ethnicity are some examples of those factors. Below are general rates for pay for play.

Short Time (1 hour but negotiable) will cost you between 1500 Baht to 2500 Baht. In some instance if the girl knows she is attractive and quite popular she may stay firm on a 2500 Baht or more asking price. You’ll also have to pay for a short time room which costs 300 Baht to rent for the hour. There are 2 short time rooms for rent. 1 hour is the norm but you can ask for 2 hours instead. It doesn’t hurt.

Make sure you buy your own condoms. The one’s available at the short time hotels cost more and are industrial strength which means it won’t be comfortable. Two short time hotels are on the 3rd floor. Both charge the same rates. To save on having to rent a short time room you should stay in a hotel near Nana Plaza instead. It’s much more practical. And cleaner too.

Long Time (Overnight) obviously cost more because you’re taking them out of the bar the entire night. Otherwise they can earn more doing multiple short times with different customers. The asking rates range from 2500 Baht up to 5000 Baht for long time. Again there are factors that will affect the price quoted, such as how much money she’s made already for the night as well as how she’s feeling. After all bar girls want a break as well since most work 6 days straight every week.

Here’s a tip, you can wait until the 2am closing time and ask the bar girl to stay with you for long time to save on the 500 Baht bar fine. Usually you take the bar girl back to your hotel for long time stay. Technically a bar girl cannot make side deals inside of her work place. So keep your secret deal  just between the two of you.

You should make sure the hotel you’re staying in won’t have an issue with you inviting a Thai hooker to your room. Because there are hotels that will charge a joiner fee if you invite non registered hotel guests.



Lollipops Bar – Bar Fine 700THB

The latest go go bar with ladyboys. Just goes to show how popular this type of venues are inside Nana.

Bangkok Bunnies – Bar Fine 700THB

Has a good line up of friendly bar girls. Drink prices are reasonable too.

Rainbow Bar – Bar Fine 600THB

The flagship Rainbow Bar group. It is the largest in NEP with many bar girls working inside. There is an area outside of the bar as well to have drinks and people watch.

Play School – 700THB

A medium sized bar on the 1st level of Nana Entertainment Plaza. Play School has a nice little set up for dancers on stage. A good go to go go bar if others are too packed inside.

London Calling – 700THB

Don’t be fooled by the “No Ladyboys” sign out in front. They do have some transexuals thrown in along with the genuine ladies. And some of their real bar girls are very easy on the eyes. Do stay and watch the shower shows for some arousing entertainment.

Rainbow 2 – Bar Fine 600THB

Cant’ really go wrong with Rainbow bars I always say. But this one is one of the smaller Rainbow bars but still good to take a look inside.

Obsessions –  Bar Fine 700THB

The only all ladyboy bar on the first floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza. The least aggressive ladyboy bar that I’ve ever been in at at least while I was there last time.

2nd flr

Straps – Bar Fine 600THB *Ladyboys and Real Ladies

So I couldn’t really figure out how to label straps as they have a mix of genuine ladies or ladyboys. Last year it was mostly ladyboys. This year it was mostly women. If you can’t tell which is which just ask. When in doubt, assume she’s a he.

Rainbow 3 – Bar Fine 600THB

I’ve alway been a fan of Rainbow go go bars but this is the tightest and most packed. I like more space but this just means you’ll get to be up close with the ladies.

Chili – Bar Fine 700THB

Another ladyboy bar on the second floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza. Not sure what percentage are pre-ops and post-ops but if ladyboys are to your liking go ahead and ask. They are not shy at all.

Angel Witch – Bar Fine 600THB

One of my favorite bars in Nana Entertainment Plaza. It’s not huge at all but the girls have a pleasant attitude and there are fun shows to watch on stage at night. You might even get to participate as well.

Spanky’s – Bar Fine 600THB

For a small bar not sure how they fit a shower show inside but it’s sure as hell fun to watch. Does get busy inside with a decent line up of cute Thai girls so get ready to rub elbows with go go bar girls and customers.

Sexy Night – Bar Fine 800THB

A small compact bar with a small stage.

DC – 10 – Bar Fine 700THB

A smallish lady boy bar with a mix of feminine and obvious dudes in make up and bikini.

Casanova – Bar Fine 600THB

A bit larger then it’s neighboring ladyboy go go bar, Casanova has more feminine, at least that what’s I saw while I was there. And Casanova has been in Nana Plaza for the longest time after moving to this location from the other side of the complex.

Rainbow 4 – Bar Fine 800THB

Always been a fan of Rainbow go go bars and they are quite reliable for finding a handful of cute bar girls.

Twister Bar – Bar Fine 700THB

One of the larger bars on the second floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza. With so many go go girls employed inside you’ll have greater chances of finding the type of girl you want to spend the night with.

Temptations – Bar Fine 600THB

Another ladyboy go go bar but they’ve been in that location for the longest time. Well known for over the top ladyboys with total feminine looks.

Diamond Bangkok – Bar Fine 600THB

Diamond Bangkok has mostly genuine Thai girls but a small contingent of ladyboys used mostly to lure passerby with their feminine looks. And it works. Still a fun bar to check out.

Mandarin – Bar Fine 600THB

A smallish go go bar and one of the first bars you’ll see as you head up the escalator from the 1st level of Nana Entertainment Plaza. They offer table dance entertainment which is unique to Mandarin.

Mercury Go Go – Bar Fine 600THB

Another ladyboy go go bar in NEP. It’s a smallish bar employing feminine looking ladyboys.

3rd flr

Erotica – Bar Fine 700THB

This is the smallest bar on the third floor of Nana Entertainment Plaza. But they do have a decent selection of ladies. It’s a small cozy go go bar so get ready to get close to the ladies.

Bill Board Go Go – Bar Fine 700THB

A large go go bar with lots of entertaining shows such as jacuzzi and dancer performances in the nude. With a large selection of ladies and plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Enter – Bar Fine 700THB

Enter go go bar is a smaller bar with a setup that might be a little too tight when it gets crowded with customers which happens because Enter bar does have some cute and beautiful Thai go go bar girls.

Charade – Bar Fine 700THB

A medium size ladyboy go go bar. Has mostly post-ops. Don’t ask how I know. It’s the only ladyboy go go bar on this floor of NEP.

Butterflies – Bar Fine 700THB

The largest bar on this floor with an enjoyable jacuzzi show where Thai bar girls will put on an arousing show in a tub full of bubbles. There’s also a big roster of girls to choose from here.

Nana Plaza Go Go Bars

When you arrive, keep an eye out for some of the top bars listed below:

Rainbow 5 – Somewhere over the rainbow is a magical place full of beautiful ladies. Located on the middle floor next to Twister Bar, this is a popular hotspot among Japanese visitors. There is a long narrow dance floor enough for 20 dancers to gyrate efficiently. There are 3 other rainbow bars to choose from, but Rainbow 5 is the best.

Billboard – Situated on the top floor, Billboard has a giant Jacuzzi inside with playful pussycats included. What more could you want? It’s also consistently voted the best go-go bar in Bangkok and, with good reason, loads of girls and loads of fun. Just try not to get wet!

Spanky’s – Located on the middle floor, this is the right bar if you have been a bad boy. Expect to get continuously spanked by foam tubing. There are around 20 mischievous dancers. You’ll love the sexy shows too.

Lollipop – On the ground floor of Nana Plaza is Lollipop. There is a t-shaped elevated dance floor that holds around 16 dancers. There is no gimmick here. Just a casual go-go bar where you can relax. You won’t feel pressured for lady drinks. Though bargirls are very down-to-earth so might be hard to resist.

When you enter the bars, you are going to feel like a celebrity immediately.

So don’t go if you already are.

The girls are well-adapted to picking up on social cues.

Even with one twinkle in your eye, you will soon find yourself with a lovely lady looking for a lady drink.

They’re usually 150-300 baht.

After being asked what your name is, where you are from, and what football team you support, you can opt to pay the bar fine.

The bar fine lets the girl leave her job early and can range from 600-2,000 baht depending on the bar.

If she somehow ends up at your place, she might request money for a “taxi” home, which could be another 300-600 baht.

Before you head to Nana Bangkok, make sure to read our guide to Thai gogo bars for first-timers.

In more details

In Soi Cowboy

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ZoneDistance from Siam CentreCensorship main featuresWhy go
Siam Centre 0 kms  F-M-PG  more upmarket  
RCA (Royal Central Avenue) NE 5km I Zone: Huai Khwang / Ratchada  M: for the Young at Heart, a cluster of Clubs in 1 strip mainly night clubs / mainly Thai patrons 
Ratchada Soi 4 NE 5km I Zone: Huai Khwang / Ratchada  M: for the Young at Heart, a cluster of Clubs in 1 strip a few megga clubs others small local gigs 
Silom Patpong S 2.50 km I Zone: Silom M-R several sub-sois that are good and others naughty Night bazaar markets the night of bizarre  
Khaosan rd NW 4km I Banglamphu F-M-PG 3 sub zones: Low / Medium / High backpacker / trendy whacky / infused with markets 
Thong Lor E 3.50 km I BTS Thong Lo Sukhumvit F-M-PG - Trendy, Funky and upmarket creative and trend setters - yuppieville 
Suk Soi 11 E 2.70 km I BTS Nana Sukhumvit F-M-PG Family Nightlife 1 km strip - Pubs, clubs, Eats 
Soi Cowboy Suk Soi 21-23 E 3.00 km I BTS Asok Sukhumvit M-R 300mtr strip of neon mania  "Hangover II" lovers, social drinks outside gogo bars inside 
Suk Soi 33 (Dead Artist) E 4.0 km I BTS Phrom Pong Sukhumvit  M-R  the old days bad boy clubs 
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