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Be Served "Get the most use a host"  

Bangkok P.A.C (Personal Assistant <> Concierge) 
The concept employs local people, enthusiastic to serve you
 Themed to suit your budget Gold <> Silver <> Bronze
 ➨ Orientate, translate and negotiate <> save time and money

when you compare the nominal cost to access local knowledge, it's priceless,
read more in cost V's convenience

Serve Yourself - options below


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Photo database - attractions
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eBooks - Shopping
  • Practical tour guide - web or ebook version complete with links to maps, shopping tips and optioned for support from Bangkok APAC
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  • option to link to Directory A to Z
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  • Alpha listing of websites that support shopping
  • how to use Thailand's local map, tips and tricks
  • download their mobile apps
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New visitors to Bangkok - see latest tips at "what would I do"
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A brief word on venues and tours
Don't believe everything you hear that is bad, don't rely on everything you hear that is good!
Assess relevance to your priorities ie., incidental V's paramount 
Remember....  most people return because of "the people they meet" ... if you spend "time with Thai", you'll see why. Thailand is unique, it's about a beautiful people spirit, give yourself that memory.
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