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What you'll see in the webpage

  • A photo slideshow 
  • Navigation is a scrolling window <> or view as an eBook
    • Summary of zones (approx 9), relevance and location
    • One (1) page per topic
      • Photos of Icons, and link to more detail 
      • Map link and tips to find "nearby venues" 
      • Tour database logistics, this place and "nearby venues"
      • "APAC" (A Personal Assistant <> Concierge)

Why you should "get the most use a host"
  • It’s the people you meet that make the memories.
  • Thailand's people culture is uniqueit's about a beautiful spirit, give and live.
  • Basic P.A. rates are very low and incomparable to the experience of time with Thai.  
  • Misconceptions > with cultural differences and tall travel tales there will be misconceptions, but with a confidant you'll be back on track.

All venues appear in the tour leader database

  • The Database may show an A.P.A.C. "tour” price, please note (they are not guides, but local people enthusiastic to serve you).  P.A. (Personal Assistant) <.> Concierge,   priced right to keep you on track. 


Purpose: Rejuvenate <> Adventure <> Corporate <> Medical <> Health
Reward:  Gold - Silver - Bronze
Coach and Mentor ConnectPriority: Quality or Price

Tour profiling:
It's not an obligation, it's an opportunity. 
People don't plan to fail, we fail to plan!  try the profiler 

Don't want to profile!

Be served:   
scope of services - tour consultant <> Concierge

Serve yourself: 
please try our knowledge base 
Tourism Bangkok 
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Tour zones > Designed for D.I.Y. with the option for inbound assist

eBooks: Beginners guide tour Icons  - Bangkok               
 Popular Icons <> Zones >  Family <> Shopping  <> Nightlife
We created separate web and eBooks for each topic, because not everyone wants to do each, and not everyone should!

"our aim" is not "financial", it's about a memorable experience to enrich life!
L.I.F.E. Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency and without Flexibility, it's L.I.E.

  • Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.
  • All our decisions relate to the FUTURE all our experiences are based on the PAST


Main Page > Novice <> Advanced


Map tricks > Hospitality


Best tourism stations and 
approved nearby venues


Personal Assist <> Concierge
"Get the most use a Host"
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