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updated: 30/12/11
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Why Bangkok See what the media say 

1st time to Bangkok Cost V's Convenience
            • includes price for sample tour costs

What's the best location

Tour ideas 

One (1) page summary

editors choice: under construction

in the meantime .... we applied a code to our favourites in the TLD (tour leader database), if you'd like to know drop us an email

Group dynamics - it's a battle field! 

            • Try S.M.A.R.T. GOAL tour profilingrefines and defines priorities

Bargain hunters now you can have your cake and eat it too

What would I do 




  • web search engines generally provide cheaper prices but no "after sales service".  
    Think of them as "wholesale", if changes are required heavier penalties will apply

Value added services

  • Bangkok A.P.A.C. offer Orientation in and around their tour residence area of Asoke
    • whats around me, how to use the Skytrain, Subway and Canal and more



  • albums and database; watch existing or create by Industry, zone, price, topic etc., 

Tour programs

Tour Database
  • browse logistics, links to websites, maps

Hospitality events

Media articles - > Bangkok

  • a few media articles from different people and places that sum up premiere Bangkok

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