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Q: Do I need a mobile phone?

A: Absolutely our experience is this is a major priority! 
People get disorientated, they get distracted, be it by curiosity or tactics by a 3rd party. It's not unusual for this to happen daily and in group scenarios the loss of time escalates, not mention discord within the group.

If you DO NOT have a mobile phone (per person) then you need to have an accurate and dependable schedule and that's not a priority in Thailand!.

Unless you can enjoy waiting or the frame of “mai ben rai” (never mind), consider the nominal cost for the solution a MAJOR priority.

it's not that easy to self manage
  • Switching your mobile phone off/on when needed is not the solution 
  • you may miss an important call!
  • calls (local / International) received / made are charged at roaming rates
  • Modern mobile phones (smartphones) constantly download data whether your using them or not, refer article below recent test 2011!

NB: APAC hosts are not able to call your mobile unless it's a local Thai number due to international charge rates.

International roaming costs on mobile phones are substantial 
  • Generally around 10 to 20 times more than local costs
  • Smartphones (androids iphones and the like) draw on data usage in the background ie., even if your not using them.  A recent test (2011) using a smartphone measured data usage (when not in use) of 180mb in just over one (1) week!  based on average roaming charges that's a bill of aud$3000

The solution is simple, a nominal cost and seamless process
order a Telcom Pak from Bangkok APAC (Personal Assist <> Concierge)  
  • a Thai mobile phone sim card with web access
  • Forward your existing number to the temporary Thai number
  • Pre order before you leave to allocate a number and share with key contacts 
  • Unlimited daily access to the net for data usage, this means you can now use the web to access language translators, eBooks and maps
  • Calls (local/international) and sms are approx 1/3rd of the cost

The minimum Pak @ 1500bt includes installation and 800bt credit which is usually enough for a typical one (1) week tour.  The web connection is a unlimited charged at approx 50bt sper day. 

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