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Be Served "Get the most use a host"  

Bangkok A.P.A.C (Personal Assistant <> Concierge) 
The concept employs local people, enthusiastic to serve you
 Themed to suit your budget Gold <> Silver <> Bronze
 ➨ Orientate, translate and negotiate <> save time and money

when you compare the nominal cost to access local knowledge, it's priceless, cost V's convenience

Serve Yourself - options below

Tour zones Bangkok
  • one (1) page view all zones with stats on Tour Icons
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eBooks - Shopping
  • Practical tour guide - web or ebook version complete with links to maps, shopping tips and optioned for support from Bangkok APAC
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  • one (1) page summary 
  • option to link to Directory A to Z
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Photo database - Shopping
  • watch a slideshow or select key search topics
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  • Alpha listing of websites that support shopping
  • how to use Thailand's local map, tips and tricks
  • download their mobile apps
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New visitors to Bangkok - see latest tips at "what would I do"
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    Map tricks > Hospitality

    > Transport Best tourism stations and approved nearby venues

    Personal Assist <> Concierge
    "Get the most use a Host"
    Small cost Big Smiles!

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