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Yvonne Smith Von from Perth W.A. (West Australia) visit Bangkok for 4 days

4 days Von roaming Bangkok

Special thanks to everyone that supported the program before, during and after 



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Depart Perth WA

Transfer from Perth West Australia to Bangkok.

Flight time, Perth to Bangkok is 6.45. 
Local time difference in Bangkok and all of Thailand is 1 hour behind local time Perth.
Reward your life with Business class and have a hoot of a time with Thai Airways flight bookings

Photo album 

Thai airways a "Taste of Thai", get on board it's smooth as silk, external link.

Perth CBD from the sky, video taken from plane whist tacking to the coast 18kms west (good zoom) - external link

at the mark .45sec we zoom to Royal Perth Golf Club, located in South Perth which is also the home of Perth's leading Insurance Broker
at 1.10 mark you can see see large bush land left of the city (Kings Park), then pan to the coast and back across the urban sprawl.  

TG Bangkok Airport VIP

Travellers passing through large busy airports can sometimes find the arrival or departure process hectic stressful. To alleviate this situation in Bangkok, TG (Thai Airways) introduced special car packages.  

Meet and Greet on arrival or departure and use of the Gold Lounge, more in Blog article includes link to PDF brochure

Thank you khun Annie for your care.

Photo album 

YoutubeThai airways special care services, small price for VIP comfort, external link.

M&S function

Highly popular and premiere Monthly social event with M&S  (Movers and Shakers) 5 star venues around Bangkok.

This occasion was hosted at Ramada Plaza Mena riverside hotel on the Chao Phraya river.  media hub page this event

Photo snippets, external link

SkyBar rooftop

Just a few kms from Ramada Hotel in the area of Bang Rak is a well known landmark "The Skybar" arguably the most famous rooftop venue in Bangkok and featured in the movie hangover II. 

Get to the Lebua Hotel (State Tower) and on the roof is Skybar as well as several awesome restaurants such as Sirroco and Breeze

Google+ hashtags #skybarbangkok   Facebook hashtags #skybarbangkok

The Skybar Bangkok, external link


Jim Thompson House

Excellent introduction to Culture Thailand 

Conveniently located in Siam centre, get there by BTS (skytrain) or the local canal water bus on canal Saen Saep.  

This tertiary tour sends you on a soft time warp into the past; Jim Thompson restored the silk trade in the 60's and had a passion for collecting history including classic homes..  he would have done more but for the mysterious death of this popular CIA agent, find out more when you visit Jim Thompson Houserated as popular tour 

Social media posts this article Google+ <> Facebook hashtag jim thompson

YoutubeJim Thompson House, fascinating & excellent restaurant external link

Shopping Siam Paragon

Paragon is modern, sleek and spacious. With brand names like Armani, Chanel and Maserati on hand, the Paragon is decidedly high-end.

Not much for us after a busy night Friday and a busy morning at Jim Thompson House and lunch, we're out of puff and not power shoppers, we settled for an easy afternoon coffee and cake and rest up for tonight's adventure.

Dine in Dark

This is a "MUST DO" adventure for everyone.

There is no place Darker!  Set in the comfort of one of Bangkok's premiere 5 star hotels (Sheraton), here you'll enjoy the comfort of the beautiful ground floor bar in preparation for your dining adventure.

You'll be introduced to your visually impaired waiter and from then on your dependent ....  the waiter will lead you through the darkness to your table, serve you food and drinks and help you out when your finished.

Social media posts
Google+ #dineindarkbkk <> Facebook #dineindarkbkk  
Travel blog - DID (Dine in dark)

Youtube DID Dine in Dark, external link.

Checkinn99 Cabaret

Checkinn99 is one of those little treasures "priceless".
Many will confide to their trusted friends Checkinn99 deserves a place in everyone's heart.  The band M.O.T.H. (Music from the the Heart) will have you spellbound; close and friendly and the rest is endless, try but you die...  lol 

Know that you are welcome to present song requests to the Band and join the stage for a song or dance you socks off..  "The Greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think"  . be happy !!  

YoutubeCheckinn99 is an original Cabaret Bar, it's boutique & addictive, external link.


Sealife Oceanworld Bangkok

Formerly Oceanwold, it's bigger than ever and it's all underground. Endless channels, zones to the underground underwater world.

 Located in the centre of town at BTS (skytrian) station Siam.

Travel blog / video

YoutubeSealife Oceanworld, Asia's largest sealife aquatic centre, popular tour Bangkok external link

Lunch Santa Fe

The ultimate cheap charlie dining / smart shopper
For as little as 100baht you can enjoy a quality steak in a aironconditioned restaurant shopping mall

There are critics that say it's no good, that's funny, what did you expect for the price .. doh!  Most intuitive consumers will confirm it's brilliant

Our outing was in Santa fe Steakhouse Terminal21 shopping Mall

Dinner Khaosan Rd

now how does one explain this place ... LOL
It's where East meets West with amazing bizarre funny outcomes; its the bacpacker zone of Bangkok and what followed was cheap Bars and eating places which turned into trendyville and it keeps going...  Most people are substantially chilled; alcohol induced or just found the organic drug of being happy and so chill dood and get on board  Khaosan Rd nightlife, to be seen to be believed. 

YoutubeKhaoSan rd is backpacker zone, carefree, markets infusion of Western and Asia and anything goes, external link

Old City Night Tram Tour

Popular choice for all ages.  
In approx one (1) hour you'll smash it out. There's a good feel about an open tram (18 seats) cruising through the "Old City" at night, stopping at key Icons for photo opts.

Prices start from 500bht check website Bkk old city night tram tour

Our Travel Blog review - published April 2015

YoutubeBangkok old city night tram tour, adventure and fun for all, external link

Flower Markets

The local name is Pak Klong Talaat 

Open every night, an urban sprawl along the main street; either side and on the road, not to mention the side streets - it's everywhere .. millions of fresh flowers presented every night..  a confusion (infusion) of moisture of delightful floral aroma and intensity of commercial chaos .. lol     

It has to be seen to be believed  - Travel blog article

YoutubeBangkok flower markets, external link
Travel blog article


FSCC: Foundation Slum Child Care

Foundation child Slum Care is and supported by the Royal family.  The centre in Klong Toei care for approx 80 children aged from 1 to 5.   Visitors are welcome between 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, donation of clothes, toys, or money is appreciated. Fellow visitor is Chris Catto-Smith (Aussie owner) of Checkinn99 Cabaret.  Chris brought along yet another money box with donations from patrons to the cabaret club in Sukhumvit. 

YoutubeFSCC (Foundation Slum Child care) daycare centre for slum area, external link.

Lunch: Manhattan Fish markets

Manhattan Fish Markets is an inspiring franchise success story spreading across Asia.
Similar to in value added culture to Santa Fe; mission statement is core values, low price, good value, clean environment and happy customers

Located on 5th floor of the super popular Terminal21 shopping mall

YoutubeFSCC (Foundation Slum Child care) daycare centre for slum area, external link.

Asiatique Riverside

Asiatique Riverfront is very much a great success story and a benchmark for other cities to reclaim...  The old teak timber mill yard has been converted into a modern theme markets and tourism centre with Icons and passive attractions for the family.  

Here you'll find Bars, MANY Restaurants and Stage shows and souvenir shopping means you need to try, free boat shuttle from the main pier which connects to the fast skytrain..

YoutubeAsiatique riverfront is so popular for you tour to Bangkok, external link.

Dinner Capri

What we liked about Capri Restaurant & Bar Asiatique  
Located at the front of Asiatique with a healthy size courtyard to view passing crowds (360 Panorama) and an eye catching wood fired Pizza oven work station.   

The food was characteristic Italian.  The Soft crab shell was enjoyably different with the flesh separated into a side dish paste...    Khun Von worked her Samon salad while the rest consumed ate all other. 

YoutubeCapri Italian Restaurant @ Asiatique riverfront complex, external link.

Muay Thai Live

Muay Thai live is definitely high on the "must do" list  

The show uses a battalion of super fit athletic actors / Muay Thai fights (hard to tell).  These guys (and a few beautiful girls) perform magical dare devil stunts as if it's the real deal.  Certainly great value for money in the one (1) hour show

YoutubeMuay Thai Live stunning action stage performance, external link.



Lunch Shabu Shi Janapese

Shabu Shi Japanese restaurant in MBK is golden egg....  

Don't be surprised to see a traffic jam on the 2nd floor of people queuing down the arcade or squatting on the floor; their loyal; smart; cheap charlies .. lol   Thanks to temp closure of my favourite restaurant we decided to try this venue (no queue) and now I know why they queue up..   all you can eat for around 500baht in an hour   OMG    and the food comes to you on a rail system ... 

YoutubeShabu Shi Japanese restaurant, set price and time.. "go for it" external link

Shopping MBK

MBK (Mah Boon Krong) shopping mall is a popular place, while its starting to be a little dated ....  she remains the peoples popular choice. 

Connected to the BTS (skytrain) at station National Stadium.   
6 floors of the usual shopping centre stuff including loads of souvenirs 

YoutubeMBK shopping centre is the people's popular choice, external link.

Diner Suda Thai Restaurant 

They come from all over the world to eat at this Restaurant !
No website, ads or brochures .. why do they come 

Its the restaurant you always wanted to have in your family, Nan runs the table service and Granddad's in the Kitchen.. it works 

The prices are humble, the food is honest and anything goes.. lol
Suda Restaurant is very popular PLEASE don't tell everyone

YoutubeSuda Restaurant, popular grass roots tourism... no ads, only word of mouth, external link.

Airport and home

Facetastic: snippets - external link


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