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Bangkok April 5 days 4 guys Family Theme

We created this page with permission of the tour members to share our experience including logistical information in terms of distances, prices and duration so that others can use the content to plan their adventure to Bangkok

The content has been tabled in various platforms to suit each member as well as test the capacity and boundaries of those systems 

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Day 1: Thursday 

check in to hotel 5pm then taxi to Khaosan rd for Songkran Water festival fights

Songkran is an annual festival to celebrate the Thai new year (thai's celebrate three (3) new year - Western (31st Dec), Chinese (Feb) and Thai in April
about our Songkran Festival experience, we visited Khaosan rd knowing it will be crazy, it's a backpacker location that will have thousands of people 

Video: 360: Songkran at kkaosan rd (not that good in dealing with water) the page has videos of other locations and link to knowledge base about Songkran

Day 2: Friday 
Public holiday for Thai new year from Wednesday 13th (Songkran) 
city quiet / gains and pains 
busy schedule see directory bottom this page 
videos created:
 360: Chao Mae Penis Shrine
 360: Flow house - wave surf centre
 360: Soi Cowboy

The videos appear in the youtube playlist and or in the SM hub page in Directory 

Day 3: Saturday 
busy schedule - see directory bottom this page 

videos created:

360: River Ferry to Grand Palace
360: Grand Palace
360: Golden Mount
360: Vertigo Grill Moon Bar - 61st flr rooftop

The videos appear in the youtube playlist and or in the SM hub page in Directory 

Day 4: Sunday 
evening traffic heavy as workers return from family festival of Songkran 

videos created:

360: Flight with Gibbon

The videos appear in the youtube playlist and or in the SM hub page in Directory 

Day 5: Monday 
Busy city, getting back to normal 

local Canal ride to shopping 

lazy day recover from hectic 4 days 

diner and airport home 

videos created:

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Showing 22 items
Venue / URLTheme / Intensity / Censorship rating Price / DurationValue for moneyDay / Why go
Venue / URLTheme / Intensity / Censorship rating Price / DurationValue for moneyDay / Why go
Muay Thai Live Entertainment: High energy good intro to the sport / culture Med: 1000bt 90mins 5 star venue High: well presented, quality premises 4 Sun Night 1 / Asiatique on the river has 1500 stalls, markets, bars, restaurants, can be a big day out 
Flight with Gibbon Activity - High Med: 3500bt 9.30am to 5.30pm  High:  4 Sun day 1 / bus tour, thrill event, safari park 
Madam Saranair Eats: / Thai Restaurant Low / 2 hrs casual atmosphere good food High: very good food and cherpie staff 5 Mon night / easy culture before head to airport 
Escape Room Activity - Medium 500bt pax 1 hr  Medium: / 45 min challenge - test team skills.  3 Sat day 3 / group fun or arguments lol. located in shopping centre many things to do 
Queens Park Plaza Adventure: Beer and Pool Bars - old style Low: 2 hrs High: depends if your buying a lot of drinks for others ..lol 2 Fri night 1 / compare culture .. what was bar scene of yesterday year 
The Titanium & Ice bar > live Music Attraction: Ice Bar Low: 250bt shot of vodka High: unique experience, wished we had more time here 2 Fri Night 2 / Photo op, nice bar with good music but we had time for the Icebar Pic 
Sukhumvit - Saen Saep Adventure: local canal EXPRESS boat ride Low / 30 mins, we jumped on at Pier Soi 15 to Pier Pratunam HIGH: see the backstage of the city. 5 Mon day 1 / culture, thrill ride,cheap transport 
Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar Attraction: Rooftop Bar / Low / Family Medium: 550baht pax cocktail / 1 hour  HIGH: price includes the views and nibbles  3 Sat night / spectacular views: 61 flrs 360 degree open roof  
The Grand Palace Attraction / Low / Family - walking pace at your leisure  Med: 500bt / 3hrs / need to cover shoulders / legs, u can hire clothes but long wait if busy High: a lot to see, heat of the day takes it's toll as your outside. Journey view the river ferry to capture the mood 3 Sat day 1 / immense cultural Icons and history, we went via the river ferry from the BTS interchange at central pier 
The Golden Mount Attraction / Low / Family Nil / 2hrs, cafe half way up the 300 + steps HIGH: walk up to temple rooftop for 360 rooftop view, best in evening 3 Sat day 2 / man made mountain, was the highest point in Bangkok, temple, shrine. visit via local canal for culture 
Soi Cowboy Adventure / Medium / M-R Nil / 1 hour (we did the walk thru only in 10mins .. lol) HIGH: it's a dare 2 Fri Night 3 / Photo op 
Flow house Activity / High / Family Med: 500bt / 90mins * 360 Photos/videos in link HIGH: play or watch is good, food and drinks avil 2 Fri day 6 / fun day enjoy to try or watch 
Terminal21 Plaza Shopping - Phone cards Low 6th floor many providers / 1 hr  High: phone or internet saves a lot of time and confusion 2 Fri day 1 / must a to split tour groups and be mobile 
Central Embassy Shopping Label Products / Low / Family ?? / 1 hr, could stay for hrs  High: awesome architecture  2 Fri day 2 / awesome building / multi storey 
Chao Mae Tuptim shrine Attraction: Penis Shrine Nil / 30 mins * 360 pics and video in link Med / not much to see but curious 2 Fri day 5 / curious 
Erawan Shrine Attraction: Popular Shrine / Family Nil / 1 hr * 360 photos/videos made in link High: Thai costume dancers music 2 Fri day 4 / cultural, easy location at Bts station, best after 5pm (not hot) 
Erawan Bangkok Shopping Shopping Label Product / Low / Family ?? / 1 hr not minor centre of Hyatt Hotel Low: not much to see here, we only went for a specific item 2 Fri day 3 / Nara Thai Restaurant in basement is amazing, Erawan Shrine next door 
BTS Asok - skytrain station Transport / Low / Family Low  HIGH: skytrain is EXCELLENT 2 Fri day 1a / study the map and realise the benefits, must do in peak hours to avoid traffic jams 
Australian Pub & BBQ Attraction: Aus Pub / Low / Family Low / 2hrs watch Aus football, play pool, eat HIGH: good food, lots of Tv's 2 Fri day 7 / Aussie Icon and Suk Soi 11 is premier tourist strip 
MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Food & Drink / Low / Family Med: 400bt / 90 mins Japanese buffet all you can eat. The restaurant is Shabushi on 2nd flr.. good experience HIGH: the food passes on a track eat as much as u can 3 Sat day 2a / MBK is popular choice at Bts station 
Songkran Bangkok 2016 Attraction: festival event low / all day and night everywhere, see youtube  HIGH: we arrived late, went straight to Khaosan Rd a backpacker zone which is known to be over crowded .. yeah ! 1 Thu Night / 3 day water games ...  
Compare Shopping Zones Shopping / Low / Family low / 5 hrs HIGH: from Canal visited Platinum Plaza, Patintip Plaza and MBK 5 Mon day 2 / local and tourism  
Showing 22 items