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Steveo Bkk 1 week Nov 2018 

How it works

you can click / tab thru the location markers
scroll down the list

each location marker has brief comment, photo/s and link to more info

How you can contribute 

1. add comment to each listing waypoint
2. share the map link in your social media
3. welcome to send us content data or photos 

the map is updated frequently after the tour including data contributed by participants


live map

map updated frequently after the tour completed with data contributed by participants

Live map link, add comments and share

various print view options below 

Story view

This is a new design, displaying the info from start to finish 
Please note: 
map updated frequently after the tour with contributions from participants


Print view

Please note: 
note: map updated frequently after the tour with contributions from participants

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Places visited

Media post:
we try too remember the places with a social media post otherwise see the tour map posts

last 5 by latest edits: see all at (sort by any column)

Author / topic / Author / LocationDate / SM postdate mm.dd comment
Phill 2018.11.27 18.00 fbk post 2018.12.28 processed vid and pics 
Joy / diner sunset river rooftop  2018. / fbk  
phill 2018.11.27 20.00 fbk 2018.12.16 published 
Phill / Bike tour / Chinatown / nw 4.5kms transfer via subway and tuktuk for 3 hr ride 2018.11.25 15.00 / fbk no pics yet 2018.11 significant event, no hills just thrills, hard to explain but happy to do so after you view our vid and pics to share  
Joy / Cocktails / Joy / Talad Noi on the river  2018.11.29 / 16.00 fbk  
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Best 10 things 

this is kinda unfair - to only select to things but here goes 
2018.12.11 this section in progress - only fair to give them a chance to change their mind a few times   lol 

Top 10 (1 best) and whyIntensity / Activity /
??? shopping  low / shopping / up to you so many classy places as well as local markets  
?? Foot Massages - daily please  Low / chill / 1 hr min and daily 
?? local sim card - dnt rely on wifi you want to move and interact to enjoy the short time low / internet phone / 24/7 calls and net 
??? Skytrain and subway - outstanding low / transport / must do during peak times or your stuck, dnt presume its not busy in busy times 
??? eating at local places low / eating /  
??? sipping cocktails Heritage river hotel low / chill / s (needed more) 
?? Dine in Dark  Med / Eating / it's 200% dark in 5 star hotel .. how to describe this .. dnt go alone .. lol 
??? Bicycle ride tour - 3 hrs Med / bike ride / 3 hrs no hills easy pace see so much fascinating, will include the canal tour next time  
???? canal ride ferry Med / boat ride / Saen Saep Canal 
??? Rooftops low / visited a few  
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sub pages

Activities: reference to each activity and link to tour page of the host venue
Member media - s.m channel of members and at the bottom of the page are links to members media
Tour map: shows where we stopped, a photo, a comment and a link to this hub page

stuff I know - welcome to add more 

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