Popular tours

Why you should

  • Popular tours are essential entry point tourism, if you skip them you'll miss the basic insights of local culture, the exception is if you've got a qualified host!
  • The info is presented in a webpage as well as an free ebook version to download

What you'll see in the webpage

  • A photo slideshow 
  • Navigation is a scrolling window <> or view as an eBook
    • Summary of Icons (approx: 19), relevance and location
    • One (1) page per topic
      • Photos of Icons, and link to more detail 
      • Map link and tips to find "nearby venues" 
      • Tour database logistics, this place and "nearby venues"
      • "APAC" (A Personal Assistant <> Concierge)

Why you should "get the most use a host"
  • It’s the people you meet that make the memories.
  • Thailand's people culture is uniqueit's about a beautiful spirit, give and live.
  • Basic P.A. rates are very low and incomparable to the experience of time with Thai.  
  • Misconceptions > with cultural differences and tall travel tales there will be misconceptions, but with a confidant you'll be back on track.

LinkPopular Tours web & eBook
Tour leader logistics

All venues appear in the tour leader database
  • The Database may show an A.P.A.C. "tour” price, please note (they are not guides, but local people enthusiastic to serve you).  P.A. (Personal Assistant) <.> Concierge,   priced right to keep you on track.




    Tour zones Designed for D.I.Y. with the option for inbound assist

    eBooks:  Beginners guide tour Icons  - Bangkok       

    Popular Icons <> Zone Icons: Family <> Shopping <> Nightlife

    "our aim" is not "financial", it's about a memorable experience to enrich life!
    L.I.F.E. Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, Efficiency and without Flexibility, it's L.I.E.

    • Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.
    • All our decisions relate to the FUTURE all our experiences are based on the PAST

    We created separate web and eBooks for each topic, because not everyone wants to do each, and not everyone should!


Map tricks > Hospitality


Best tourism stations and  approved nearby venues 

Personal Assist <> Concierge
"Get the most use a Host"
Small cost Big Smiles!

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