Tour leader database

Tour leader Database


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Designed for the “Rocket Scientist”

Essential for travel agents and tour leaders

The model is essential for a tour Leader .. it's ooooozing with logistics 
  • Name, Industry, Activity <> General comments including trading days/hrs
  • Intensity, price point, rating, feedback,links to map, websites, photos, tour detail
  • time required for activity, Landmark Icons,Coach and Mentor Connect
  • Distance from BTS (skytrain) and MRT (Subway)
  • Distance from River/Canal ferry piers, Contact details
The Features
  • Directory A to Z (600) <> click any linked entry to generate sub-lists, 
    • example: by activity, by BTS/MRT/Ferry station for nearby venues  
  • Page topics:
    • Hospitality, Tour Zones, Bars, Restaurants
  • Integrates with 
    • eBooks - tourism Bangkok (view/download free), read more
    • Longdo map: desktop/mobile

The benefits Calculate logistics, budgets, timelines, priorities, nearby venues

If you only need a basic Directory of websites view Bangkok Directory

  • Speed: Directory A - Z is a little slow for initial load (it's big) but well worth the wait, if you don't care to browse use the main menu link to specific topics and "cut to the chase" 
    • You can try to download the database, it will run faster on your local system
  • browsing the Directory A to Z
    • from left to right: Venues Basics <> Logistics <> Tour ideas
  • Searching: use page topics, find a category and view a report, modify the search to suit 
  • Change the view to "list view' then select any 

  • The model is designed for best use with browser "google chrome" all other browsers are not tested I.E. (Internet Explorer) is unstable.

Novice users
  • Contact an APAC Concierge for a quick induction or Select a menu topic view the results
Advanced users
  • use "list view" to see the entire Directory, search / sort as required and enjoy the results

Please note:  we are constantly changing and trialing (thanks everyone for your feedback)


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