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If your planning a tour you should 1st view the Tour leader database, there is not as many venues however it is infused with eBooks, maps and offers critical logistical data, essential for tour planning.

The directory is better suited for specific topics., ie it's less complex.
If your not sure about where to stay check the Tourism Zones to get an idea of areas. You don't have stay in the zone, but it might be your best choice depending on timeframe and tour preferences.

View modes 

Browse view - medium load - comprehensive 
  • All basic details + loads more + photo links and logistical 
  • widescreen view header and name locked for scroll functionality

List view - fast load - comprehensive + search / sort options
  • all the power of browse view + ability to search / sort by any column
  • note: Photo thumbnails may not display 

What's the difference between the website directory and the tour leader database (TLD)
For the Directory
  • Faster load time
  • Simple Directory view with options for more complex views
  • Each topic is a separate directory ie., you only see one theme, whereas TLD all venues in one (1) page which means slower load for things you may not need 
  • Any venue is added .. it's unlimited, venues being added daily

The TLD (Tour Leader database) is dynamic 
  • All venues are in one (1) page which creates the dynamics for the logistics.
  • Search / sort by Industry, location, theme, transport station, distance, price point, intensity
  • Integrated with eBooks and maps


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