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There are three (3) search options, below are search tricks.  
1. type venue name (or part thereof)
2. use tag words

2. Tag words:    updated: 2011-08

  • markets, shopping, shopping- for category list (see search tip below),wifi-free, 
    ravel spot (if applicable)

Search tip:

  • by name: enter the 1st word and wait for the table list
  • by topic: ie., transport / industry topics ie., shop  / results shows matches nearest to map centre "+" (map centre), reposition map centre, refresh search and new pins appear, see "location by tag words", or type transport, more in transport systems. 
  • by prefix shopping-  or markets- for sub-groups (type on the word with "-"
Tag Icon:  "Shopping trolley" = shopping. see thumbnails all tag Icons in section Tourism Bangkok

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