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Add a location

Adding your venue to Thailand's Longdo map is easy

Don't delay, just try, you can edit / modify later, if you get stuck we can help  

The Free way

1. Register with Longdo, it's free and only requires the basics

2. Find your location at zoom level 18 (or more), right click, select the option to add and follow the prompts. 

why register

  • End users (visitors / travellers): enjoy map tools that add value to your travel memories, see key features
  • Vendors access many commercial benefits and if visitors are using the map then you need to make sure they can find you, see vendors features


1. Don't hesitate with prompts just "do it" and adjust it later.

2. You can pick up more tricks from "Appoint us",  if you do then good for you.

3. Tag words are imperative, use our tips, follow the links in the "fee way" 

Once you've added your venue you'll enjoy extra google index ranking and be supported by our marketing 

The fee way

We don't charge much because we just like to get people started and encourage development 

Sample listings and then visit the page about registration fees

To add a location we need to verify the map location, then optimise the features which is noted in his is detailed in the section "Appoint us". 

You might find there is enough detail in the "appoint us" to D.I.Y. (do it yourself) in which case your welcome, we don't mind but please give feedback to develop the map service.

Appoint us

For a nominal fee we can create your listing, typically we include this as part of a marketing or promotional package

To registration your venue we require

map co ordinates, it's a very simply process

how to ......

  1. open the Longdo map  
    Longdo map  
    Desktop or mobile 
  2. locate the position of your venue (zoom in to scale 14 or more) for an accurate position
  1. position the red cross on the position of your location
  2. place the cursor in the centre of the red cross and right click
  3. a small pop up window will appear (see the sample to the right) - - - - - - - - - - - - - >  

notice the 2 sets of numbers (hi-lighted in blue), 
they are the map co-ordinates
  1. copy the co ordinates to us e:


Please also supply 

  1. your website address (URL)
  2. if you do not have a website, please confirm
  1. your Bis name:
  2. Phone number:
  3. actual address:

  1. 2 key words that best describe your Business
    • we add "tag" cross reference words to expand the search, if your not sure just tell us your "not sure" and we can it out from your website or products and/or service.
    • If you would like to know more about "tag" words, this is our tag word Index

What we do

We develop the map service in conjunction with Longdo to provide an effective map support for Hospitality ad Tourism Bangkok
Longdo is a local Thai company, we support local business

Example of work - all integrated with Longdo map
  • Bangkok Tour zones and ebooks for Icons: Family / Shopping / Nightlife

More cool stuff

Longdo is also on Mobile devices and has an app for Traffic wth CCTV camera and language translator, see more

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or email
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