drafted 30-06-11

Prepare your troops or capture the memory, free assist or production services available


Create a LIVE map of your tour locations 

Plan your tour or provide a trail of where you went, apply a unique tag word to places and automate a travel map
  • Example: Places visited by a tour group to Bangkok

    • If the link does not illustrate venues please email us: E:
  • Apply guest book comments to each location, include photos and links
Create maps for your tour program
  • copy and paste the maps into your documentation 
  • Example: a collection of map clips used Full screen view open album 
    • Request assist to create images 

Photo album

  • Create Photo storyboard to show Family / Friends or Public

  • Request assist or we can provide production service

  • Professional Photographer and tour guide combo (capture the memories), examples below

5 day corporate tour Bangkok

Collage photos: Day and Night


Thumbnails + zoom tool

Fullscreeen slideshowOpen this album (double click in album)

Professional Photographer combo as a Tour Guide. See places and capture the best Photos, more contact Asoke PA Concierge

View Photographers work at Matt Burns of SEA Images Bangkok  

E Books

Record your travel adventure in a word document, with Photos and links and convert to an eBook.
  • Request assist or we can provide production service.

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