24-05-11  BYP Golden Touch at Bed SupperClub      




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2011-05-24 Bangkok Social Event BYP golden touch at Bed SupperClub

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Venue: Bed SupperClub Bangkok       (Longdo map link)
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“BYP with the Golden Touch”

Theme “Viva La Vida Loca” Sizzling Hot Summer BYP party from 6.30pm onwards



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Post event:
Great appetizers prepared by Bed SupperClub's Chefs, plenty of free flowing drinks. Exclusive show provided by the male and female models from “The Night Asia.  A rare stunning performance from the hottest salsa pair in town.



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The judges score was 5 star "Platinum" 
The judges score was 10 out of 10 - great opening night, we are pleased to display in our preferred venues "Networking" and credit the venue with entry in Tourism Database Bangkok.

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