Bobae market ตลาดโบ๊เบ๊

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At The Bobae Markets 
Beside Bo Bae Tower, off Khrung Kasem Road

heritage walks and wholesale clothing markets 
(not far from Bobae Tower), Bobae Market is a morning wholesale market which operates from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6am-1pm. In order to enjoy the wholesale price, goods purchased have to be three or more. Some are sold in half a dozen or by dozens. To get here, besides taking the taxi, you can take the boat on Khlong Saen Saeb and gett off at Bobae Pier or bus number 37 and 53.

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Bobae Market (Thai: ตลาดโบ๊เบ๊, RTGS: Talat Bobe, pronounced [tālàːt bóːbéː]), shortly called Bobae, is a famous market for retail and wholesale cheap clothing. The market area offers two huge wholesale shopping areas are Bobae Market and Bobae Tower, which is a big department store.

Bobae Market site on Krung Kasem Road along Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem (Phadung Krung Kasem Canal) in Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, it's between the Yotse bridge (Kasat Suek intersection) with Jaturapak Rangsarit bridge (Saphan Khao intersection) in Khwaeng Si Yaek Maha NakDusit District.

The term "Bobae" in Thai means "noisy" or "boisterous". It's assumed that the name is derived from the word "Bong Beng" (บ้งเบ้ง), which describes the general condition of the market.

Bobae Market was founded circa 1927 by Thai-Chinese groups who gathered to sell local products such as coconut waterteacoffee, or various agricultural products. Before changing to clothing or second hand goods sales during World War II by stall selling. At first, the clothes sold were those who died in the war. Later, when the market was more prosperous and well-known. It has been expanded as a shophouse today. But the street hawk still remains so unique.

The market is open from 6:00am to 6:00pm daily, Then during the night, there will be other sellers to inherit and it will sell like this until the dawn of another day. Especially during the night, this is a very bustling market.


488 Krung Kasem Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Maha Nak, Khet Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand

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at Pier Bobae 

Name & UrlTheme & FeaturesDistance from PierDate comment
Bobae Tower Shopping wholesale clothing, 1300 stalls in tower N 50m: min purchases for wholesale 2019.03 updated 
Prince Palace Hotel Hotel / 700+ rooms on canal, very good value for money N 50m 2019.03 updated 
Bobae market ตลาดโบ๊เบ๊ Markets clothing wholesale N 50m, tower or individual stalls on street or canal 2019.03 updated 
Canal pier Fa Lilat (last Pier) Transport: last stop old city Bangkok, treasure chest of heritage walking tours W 1000m: footpath on canal to Pier FaLilat 2019.03 updated 
Nang Loeng Markets ตลาดนางเลิ้งออนไลน์ Markets (food) 1st markets in Bangkok / chinese traders NE 760m, page includes heritage tour map by TAT 2019.03 updated 
Nang Loeng walking tour Heritage walking tour by TAT (Tourism Authority Thailand) 800m N.West 2019.03 mud map info of Icons 
Pier Saphan CharoenPol Transport: minor tourism E 990m no path along canal between piers 2019.03 updated 
Pier Bobae Transport  0 you are at Pier Bobae  
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