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Everything you need to know and find out about tourism in Thailand. Search for tour agents, hotels, car rentals, airlines as well as the best places to visit, eat, stay and sight see. A comprehensive and updated guide to all your needs before and while you are in Thailand. Our travel directory works the same way as a phone directory where you can search through our categories for agents, vendors and all your travel information. It is the most comprehensive directory available in Facebook for travelers to Thailand

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As a professional of several fields of expertise from interior designing, being a chef in my own restaurant back home, a content writer, editor of a business magazine and now a travel critique, I must say that nothing prepared me for what I was about to discover in Thailand.
You might say that I was a case of drag and push to come to Thailand as I had never been here before and having heard so many negative stories about the place I was rather reluctant. Luckily enough on great insistence, I packed my bags and said "What the heck, why not?!" . I have never looked back since and my discovery of this beautiful and amazing country has left an impact on my life and makes me wonder why all the negative elements spread by the press and so many people about the country when it is quite contrary to what I have discovered thus far. 

The Amazing Kingdom of Thailand is a great discovery. Even to those who have been here several times, there is always something new yet to be discovered. Travelling Thailand is the greatest adventure for me at the moment and I relish every little thing that I find out about this place. It has not ceased to amaze me yet! So backpack on my back, video cam in hand and my trusty laptop with my signature Akubra that has faithfully accompanied me to so many other places around the world, I am set to discover more about Thailand and to bring these discoveries to you! Enjoy

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