They say that Thailand is truly amazing. None so true as a wine valley right in the heart of the country bordered by one of the oldest National Parks and producing some of the finest award winning wines from South East Asia. This is the very famous PB Winery in Khao Yai.

In our introduction to PB Valley Winery, we bring you a pictorial "taste" of the winery and restaurant at PB Valley. Situated on 1000 acres of land that is free of any other people crowding facilities, shopping centers and skyscrapers ....this is a holiday to really come home too. 

Exploring PB Valley Winery is one of the most interesting holiday experiences you can have the fortunate opportunity to indulge in. Very much like its cousins in France, Australia, California and south Africa you get to explore the vineyards, watch how wine is made, do wine sampling sessions but all with a difference. In the area of Khao Yai, you also get to explore the nearby National Park, go elephant riding and jungle trekking in your spare time. 

Within the Winery itself there are many things you can do such as horse buggy riding, wander the sunflower fields in bloom during the months of November to January, go grape picking among the vineyards and enjoying a great meal at the The Great Horn Bill Grill that has a magnificent view of the mountains and valley.There is nothing quite like an experience at PB Valley Winery in Khao Yai!

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