Wang Saen Suk HELL Garden

A TASTE FOR THE BIZZARE IN THAILAND Buddhism is the main religion in Thailand and its influence over the daily lives of the Thai people can be observed in the many shrines, temples, culture and traditions. As much as the Thai people believe in doing merit before going into the next life and reincarnation, there is always that in-between life and rebirth stage which could be a heaven or hell experience. 

The concept of "Hell" in Buddhism differs from that of Western notions and if you are curious enought to pay a visit to Wang Saen Suk's Hell Garden, you just might get a taste of what "hell" could be like to a Thai Buddhist! Be warned that most of the depictions and figurines in the place are rather gory but the purpose it to remind the people that while you do enjoy life in this world beware if it is not a meritous one! This place is located midway between Bangkok and Pattaya and the sign that greets you at the entrance to the garden aptly reads "Welcome to Hell"! 

Actually most of the people who visit this site are Thai families who bring their kids for an educational tour of what happens if you are naughty and bad in life. One can't blame them if they have nightmares over the next few months! Almost every scene is one of torture for the various sins one commits in life and totalling 136 different torture pits, but the consolation is if your sins are not too great you just might get away with experiencing a few of the torture pits before reincarnation. There are many forms of gruesome tortures believed to be hapening in Hell if you have lead a sinful life. Some show forms of mutilations, torture by the hounds of hell, hung from hooks, being pierced and even boiled! So the moral belief is that before you commit any sin in this life, think of the punishment in the next when you are confronted by the 4 celestial judges and your little book of secrets is opened before you in judgement! So do your part in good merit, lead a simple and sinless life etc etc but is all easier said than done! 

Location Chonburi approx 90 minutes South east of Bangkok

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